Meditation Monday: A Starry Night

Perhaps one of the most relaxing things is the evening sky.

Sometimes we get lucky, and that beautiful black canvas is dotted with stars. If you've ever been camping in a remote locaton, you've likely fallen witness to the beauty that can be painted atop the night sky. 

Just thinking about the stars can stimulate relaxation. When we start to fret over our problems and to-do lists, it can be comforting to know that we're simply one small part of a large, expansive universe. The stars remind us to unwind.

Soak your senses in the beauty of the night sky in this 14-minute meditation. The soothing speaker will lead you across the galaxy, and into utter depths of relaxation. Ideal prior to bedtime, this meditation will help ease an anxious mind into a tranquil sleep. Use it for nights when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or when you simply need a small dose of nature.