Meditation Monday: Allowing for Abundance

Welcome to April! It's the first month of the year that's entirely dedicated to Spring, famous for its rainstorms that supposedly trigger the influx of May flowers. 

While it might not be as stereotypically "springtime" as its successor, April is a month that thrives with life. All of that rain nourishes the soil, filling the earth and plantlife with lots of opportunity for growth. The warmer days and longer afternoons mean more time outside and more time spent socializing with your pals. It's a month of rebirth, transformation, and abundance. 

Many of us are afraid to seek abundance in our own lives. We fear that we are undeserving, or that we'll be "taking too much." But abudance isn't a veggie supreme pizza with only ten slices; it's a field of wildflowers in the most fertile place you can imagine. By recognizing that you are worthy of abundance, you are more confident to pursue your dreams. You recgonize that everything you want is in arm's reach. And once you start filling up your own cup, the goodness overflows, and you share it with those around you.

This fifteen-minute meditation will help you visualize the abundance of nature, bringing more peace and confidence into your daily life. Embrace the tranquil feelings and dive into April knowing that you are worthy.