Meditation Monday: Detachment from Overthinking

I need to email Christine. My laundry is still in the washer. Should I go to the event tomorrow? Did I word things correctly in that last text?

Ah, thoughts. Those pesky but persistent words that consitently swim through our minds. Thoughts are natural, and necessary towards to decision making. But too many thoughts make it hard to focus or accomplish tasks. We feel anxious, dwelling over the "what ifs" and future choices, wondering how on earth we're going to get everything done.

While it may seem beneficial to mentally repeat your to-do list over and over, it can actually reduce your productivity. A calm mind allows us to focus on the task at hand.

This guided meditation is perfect for those moment when you start to fall down the rabbit hole of thoughts. Consider it a pause button; allowing you to breathe deeply and take things one step at time. It's only ten minutes long, making it easy for you to find a brief moment to squeeze it in.