Meditation Monday: Experience Pure Loving Energy

We all have those days. 

Those mornings where it's hard to get up or hard to focus on anything positive. Maybe you're going through a rough time, experiencing a bad break-up or suffering from trouble at work. Maybe you don't even have a reason, and you're just staring up at the ceiling and feeling blah. 

In these times, it's hard to imagine that the universe is working for you, or that there are perfect opportunities just waiting around the bend. But it's in the painful moments when I find it beneficial to return to yourself. Obviously your body and mind is feeling a tad worn out (hence the feeling of an emotional hangover), and so it's likely time to turn inward and, in yogi lingo, find your breath.

In this meditation, you're gifted with fifteen minutes of healing energy. It's perfect for those yucky mornings when you only have so much time before you must gather yourself and begin the day. This meditation combines beautiful imagery and a soothing guide to help you find your grounding, trust the future, and remind yourself of the good that awaits. You are a capable of finding peace! Your true self is always waiting for you, regardless of how tough times might seem.