Meditation Monday: Meditation for Balance

In like a lion and out like a lamb.

Apparently, that’s how March is supposed to go. With daylight savings time and unpredictable weather patterns, March might be a difficult month to find balance.

Balanced, as many yogis can attest to, is crucial in achieving mindfulness. When our lives feel unbalanced, it reflects throughout our day-to-day activities. We lose our keys because we’re distracted by a mental to-do list, and forget where we place small but necessary items. In a yoga class, perhaps we find our mind drifting towards annoying stressors, sending us flat on our face during the attempt at Warrior III. (Been there, my friends.)

Finding balance allows us to dedicate a fair amount of time to the various facets of our lives. We can be present with our loved ones because we are comfortable with the time and effort we’ve put into our work lives, and vice versa. To fall too far into any one area can have us wavering, which is why it’s so important to reflect on how we spend our time, and where we are mentally when we throw ourselves into various tasks. 

This balancing meditation should help you in strengthening a calm mindset. At only ten minutes long, it’s easy to slide into your daily routine. Leave feel refreshed and energized, like you’ve just chugged a cookies-n-cream smoothie and slipped into your favorite stretchy yoga pants.