Meditation Monday: Receiving Answers From Your Higher Self

There are times in life when we feel overwhelmed with options.

Our brains are filled with incessant chatter while waves of anxiety wash over our body. Thoughts trigger thoughts, and we fall down the rabbit hole of wondering "what if?".  

If you've been in this situation, you know it's no fun. With so much going on in our headspace, it becomes hard to connect to our truest self. The loud thoughts get all the attention and we can't hear anything else. But when you are less stressed, you are able to think clearly, and that "inner guidance" or "highest self" is finally allowed to say a few words. By connecting to your breath and focusing on the present moment, those pesky thoughts begin to dissipate.

This meditation allows you to sift through the things that do not serve you, and instead enter a relaxed and open state. You're able to communicate, or at least slightly witness, answers from your truest self.  Don't worry if the thoughts still seem muddy, especially if you're new to meditation. Sometimes these answers are not what we expect, or sometimes they come very subtley. Regardless of what you feel while meditating, entering a more relaxed states allows you to open your mind to new possibilties. It is in these moments of peace when we are able to make our best decisions

Find a quiet spot and let this meditation guide you into peace. Don't feel pressure to find a solution; simply take comfort in knowing your truest self is also available to you, if only you give it some time to speak.