Meditation Monday: Walking Meditation

There are so many small treasures to discover when on a walk. Perhaps you live in a place where jasmine flowers line the streets, or when the leaves change and begin lining the sidewalk in warm colors. Too often these things are never even noticed.

Most meditation is done in a seated position. This is nice; it allows for one to really settle the mind, draw inward, and notice his or her thoughts. Walking meditation is not as well-known, but it's a delicious way to feel present and enter a state of tranquility. Rather than draw inward, you are asked to focus on your surroundings. Notice the earth: are there any interesting plants or flowers? What about the people you pass? Our worlds are filled with tiny details that are too often ignored, and walking meditation allows us to absorb their simple, profound nature. 

I invite you to take advantage of this walking meditation. At thirty minutes long, it asks that you set aside a manageable chunk of time to go outside and wander. As you walk, you'll be asked to notice how the earth feels underneath your feet and encouraged to wish peace on those you pass.

Whether it's in the park, down a road, or through the forest, a walking meditation can leave you feeling grateful and alive. Simply pop in your headphones and stroll. 

What do you notice on your walking meditations?