Monday Meditation: Clear and Activate Your Chakras

Human beings contain an unlimited supply of energy. 

And while we might not always feel this way, our bodies are constantly energized. This energy can change based on our thoughts, elements, and surroundings. Our chakras, or energy centers, are constantly radiating and receiving this energy.  And while our chakras do a fantastic job maintaining our essence, too much negativity can throw them off kilter. 

There’s no reason to feel bad about this; We’re all prone to stress and anxiety from time to time. But when this stress becomes too much, our chakras become dirty, heavy, and swollen. The negativity thrives, and it becomes harder to pull ourselves out of the rut.

Luckily, chakra cleansing is a way to detoxify your energy systems and make room for the good vibes and feelings once again. There are dozens of ways to help clear your chakras, many of them unique to the location of the chakra on your body. For instance, the throat chakra (which is all about speaking your truth) can be cleared by journaling. When you need to replenish the root chakra, go for a long walk to help bring you back to Mother Earth. 

If you feel as though your entire being needs a deep chakra cleanse, try this meditation. In just twenty minutes, you’ll experience a gentle clearing and activation of the chakras, bringing you ease and positive energy. 

Together, these chakras influence all areas of your life, from relationships to health to spirituality. Give them they attention they need, and savor those balancing benefits.  


Photo by Max Landerman