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Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 8.01.51 PMCreating an attitude of gratitude can surely turn your life around, allowing you the ability to attract all kinds of opportunities into your life, and filling each day with happiness.

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The moment I consciously shifted my attitude toward constant gratitude, despite my serious life struggles, I began to attract crazy amazing opportunities into my life. Within days I was contacted about having a major motion picture filmed in my home, and a few hours later, my dear friend invited me to be her all expenses paid guest to an exclusive health spa in Mexico. These opportunities are such phenomenal blessings amidst my "dark night of the soul." It's a perfect example of the law of attraction in action.

Gratitude changes everything. No matter what you are experiencing - stress, pain, or troubles, I guarantee that changing your mindset to focus on gratitude is positively transformational.

How do I know? I am making it my personal mission to focus on gratitude as I wade through the murky and turbulent waters of divorce. It's easy to become overcome with anger or engulfed in the seeming the unfairness of the situation. I've thrown away too many hours of my life doing this already...wasting my precious energy and allowing my life situation to steal my joy.

No longer.

Our consciousness is the gatekeeper of our joy.

When I find my thoughts veering toward the dark, I have to consciously make an effort to redirect and refocus on gratitude. Gratitude for the abundance and the winks from God that are continually showing up. Gratitude for my healthy and happy children, phenomenal family, and ever-supportive friends. Even gratitude for the suffering and experience of deep pain, which always eventually prove to make me a more wise, compassionate, and stronger-than-nails woman. Read on. 


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Erin Cox is an author, life coach, and mother of three who advises mothers on how to live more balanced, joyful and healthy lives. She is the author of One Hot Mama (Hay House) and has become an expert in leading a balanced, healthy, fulfilled life as a mother through her personal experiences since delivering her first child nearly six years ago. As the wife of an Air Force F-15 pilot, Erin has moved four times since her wedding ten years ago, and as a result she has bonded with and learned from mothers all over the world. Her mission is to love, nurture and support moms so they can love themselves, live their best lives and better care for their families.

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