Monday Morning Mantra: Let Go

I struggle with tight IT bands, and during a recent sports massage my therapist said, “You know, your muscles are just holding on for dear life.” And the tightness and tension, she explained, is literally crawling across your body. 

To release them, she told me to sit on a firm foam roller and rather than roll back and forth across it, she said to find the tension and just sit still. Stay there for at least five minutes. Once it releases, you will know. She said, “Your muscles will go ‘whoosh’ and you will feel it immediately.” 

And it got me thinking: The way muscles hold on to tension and pain are very similar to how the brain and the heart hold on to painful situations and relationships.  

When you grip these problems until your knuckles turn white, it’s exhausting. And it creeps into every aspect of your life. Presenting in forms of negativity, anxiety, and depression. 

That “whoosh” feeling is what your heart and mind crave. They want to let it go, as Elsa would say. 

So why are you holding on? What are you afraid will happen if you let go? 

Leaving a toxic situation calls on enormous strength. There is a lot of vulnerability in admitting failure. That vulnerability is often a sign of shame. Shame from giving up or admitting defeat. But it’s OK if those things mean a happier version of you awaits. Lean into the uncomfortable feelings and be brave enough to be vulnerable. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. And don’t look back. 

Maybe you’re afraid you’re not strong enough, or afraid you will lose something precious. But if you are in pain, you have to remember that you are already losing something precious—yourself. 

Take it back. Find your way back to your heart and your higher self. And choose to just let go. Surrender it all, rewrite your story, choose a new path. 

Release yourself. And wait for the “whoosh.

Laci mosier copy

Laci Mosier is a copywriter living and loving in Austin, Texas. She and her one-eyed pirate dog live for exploring and discovering life’s magic. She is most inspired by yoga, running, Kundalini meditation, good books, great jams and even better coffee. Getting lost is where she is most often found. Follow her on the Twittersphere o...READ MORE