Mudra Magic: Buddhi Mudra, The Hand Movement for Mental Clarify

 Buddhi Mudra, The Hand Movement for Mental Clarify

Name: Buddhi Mudra (Varun Mudra)

What It Does: This hand mudra is known as the "seal of mental clarity," since the little finger represents water and communication while the thumb represents fire and divine nature. When these two fingers are placed together, it symbolizes and encourages openness and fluid communication (Rae Indigo). 

How to Perform the Mudra: Place your thumb against your pinky finger and stretch out your middle three fingers. The pinky finger is governed by mercury so it is associated with communication.

Effects: It's said that it encourages clear and effective communication, especially when used in meditation. It also helps balance the water element in the body, activating the salivatory glands and providing moisture to the skin and eyes. It also helps gain higher understanding and helps a person discern intuitive messages. 

Length of Practice:  Try practicing this mudra daily to receive its benefits. 

Photo: Parker Peterson