Mudra Magic: Gyan Mudra, The Seal of Knowledge

Gyan Mudra, The Seal of Knowledge

Name: Gyan Mudra, Jnana Mudra, Guyan Mudra, or Vaayu Vardhak Mudra

Meaning: The word "Guyan or Gyan" means knowledge in Sanskrit. "Vaayu" in "Vaayu Vardhak Mudra" refers to the quality of air brought in by the mudra. 

What It Does: This mudra increases the vaayu or air element within the body, which empowers the mind, causing a positive effect on emotions and leading to enlightenment (Mudra Guide). It also empowers the nervous system, facilitates movement of electrical impulses along nerves, empowers the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands, as well as muscles, the vocal chords, heart, skin, and more. 

Air also increase the Vaata humor in the body.

How to Perform the Mudra: This mudra is performed by joining together the tip of the index finger with the tip of the thumb, while releasing the other three fingers.

Effects: This mudra helps relieve dullness of the mind and lack of enthusiasm, as well as creativity. It helps relieve lack of memory, drowsiness, lethargy, and disorders of the brain. 

It can also relieve stress and depression, and help with insomnia, anger, and migraines. It can help a person achieve mental peace as well. 

Length of Practice: This mudra should be practiced up to 45 minutes every day, in either one stretch or in three equal parts. 

Pose Suggestion: Practice this mudra at the beginning of practice (with warm up poses) or during pranayama or meditation. 

Photo: Parker Peterson