Mudra Magic: Karana Mudra, The Hand Gesture for Warding Off Evil

Karana Mudra, The Hand Gesture for Warding Off Evil

Name: Karana Mudra

Meaning: In Sanskrit, "Karana" means doing. 

What It Does: According to Buddhism, this mudra is intended to ward off evil or negativity as a whole (Janetti Marotta). 

It's been known to cure anxiety and depression, as well as to create heightened levels of happiness by removing obstacles, like depressive thoughts and feelings of unhappiness or anxiety. This mudra is known to quiet the mind, bringing bliss (The Daily Meditation). 

How to Perform the Mudra: To begin, stretch your hand out either vertically or horizontally. Turn your palm in forward. Then use your thumb to press down the two middle fingers and extend the index and little fingers straight forward. 

Pose Suggestion: Try practicing this mudra in lotus pose or a comfortable seating position during meditation. It can also be used throughout your daily life to get rid of negativity or evil. 

Photo: Parker Peterson