Mudra Magic: Shuni Mudra, The Seal of Patience


Shuni Mudra, The Seal of Patience

Meaning: This mudra is known as the "seal of patience." The middle finger represents courage to hold duty and the thumb represents fire and divine nature. When placed together, the mudra symbolizes and encourages patience, focus, and discipline (Kooshoo).

In addition, in Sanskrit, "Shuni" means "Saturn," the planet governing discipline

What It Does: This mudra helps encourage compassion, understanding and patience toward other people. It also helps turn negative emotions into positive ones. It helps the practitioner stay present.

How to Perform the Mudra:  Lightly touch the middle and thumb and the tips. Release the remaining three fingers gently. 

Effects: Besides giving the practitioner patience, it also helps bring feelings of stability and strength. 

Length of Practice: Try to integrate this mudra into your daily meditation or yoga practice to experience its benefits long-term.

Photo: Parker Peterson