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Earth Cry @ Earth Night (12.21.2012)

"Music is so innately human that it opens us up emotionally to realms of understanding and openness that are very close to home. Personally I have had many experiences that have healed me as well as acted as direct initiations to deeper levels of awareness. Music is a very effective vessel we can use to return to the realm of infinite possibility and creativity..."  -Anthony Thogmartin, EarthCry

Since ancient times, the entrancing effects of melodies and beats have helped mend hearts, open minds, and bring people together. Music has been a conduit for interacting with the divine, both in worship and internal vibration of the Self. New age healers have started to integrate techniques of natural musical intelligence for therapy using music to access our primal emotional states, with a variety of techniques.

Experimenting with all types of  music can help unlock different mental pathways and induce altered experiences of emotion and clarity. Sound healing is on the forefront of new healing techniques, from the clear song of singing bowls to the grounding vibrations of tuning forks.

As yogis, we bow to this innate “vibrational” nature at the start of every practice by invoking the sound of OM. One such technique is the ever-allusive "solfeggio frequency." The term was coined by Dr. Joseph Puleo, and illuminated in the book "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. This ancient sequence of frequencies, most commonly reproduced these days with the use of tuning forks, are said to bestow mystical blessings upon the listener. By each frequency they are spelled out to have various effects:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order (source)

Although debated for their authenticity, many have explored their therapeutic effects, and many listeners have experienced their amplification of healing energy.

Anthony Thogmartin (member of popular jam band Papadosio and creator of side-project EarthCry) incorporates these frequencies into his music because he "feels like Sofeggios are a window into the spirit." By striking a tuning fork while delivering his beats, Thogmartin redefines “conscious” dance music.

When it comes to the healing effects of Solfeggio frequencies, Anthony gets a front row view into the way these sounds impact listeners.

Thogmartin: Performance is just wild. I play in a band to thousands of people daily but the reaction to EarthCry is completely different. There is something of an anxious expectancy I can sense, as well as a warm compassionate environment. Many people have had tears in their eyes at the end of the set, while others stand in the corner with their arms crossed hard judging the scene. It is pretty easy at that point to decipher who is open minded and who is closed.

One time a friend had an ear infection in which she couldn't even hear out of her ear and during one of the songs, her ear drained and she was completely healed. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone who wanted a healing experience with the tones, received that in one way or another.

From personal experience, I have found that the tones sharpen my reaction time if I really tune in. They seem to readjust and realign my entire system: body, mind, heart, sprit and by the end of any EarthCry performance, I'm ready for anything. I think its mainly because I believe in the power of the tones, and through that belief, they are granted a channel through which they can work with me.

Project EarthCry has brought to life Anthony's vision to share these “healing tones” with his listeners, and listeners can expect a full album release in the near future.

Open up to the tunes, and decide for yourself:


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