My Morning Meditation with Elena Brower


Elena and I first met many years ago but it wasn't until recently at the Caribbean Yoga Conference that we finally shared our first shoot together.

An ocean sunrise yoga photography session often transcends many different energetic spaces as the darkness gives way to the light that unfolds and expands into day.

I almost always start these sessions with a pre-sunrise meditation so that my subjects and I can fully align with Nature, grounding deeply into the earth before the dizzying ascent of the sun begins. Once the sun does rise above the horizon and the energy of the day becomes more alive and vibrant, I almost always shift from meditation shots into asana.


My photography session that morning with Elena did not follow this pattern as we both melted into a reverent and meditative space. The peace that emanated from Elena's stillness while the waves crashed around her was transformative, and it breathed a quiet spaciousness into our collaboration. No words needed to be spoken for us both to understand that this was purely a meditation session and that asana shots would not be explored.


This knowing translated into an enhanced focus that helped me to honor this quiet part of Elena's gifted practice. As her body became even stiller, my camera exposures became even longer, adding to the mystical interpretation of the ocean and waves; Forming, swirling and ultimately greeting and dancing with the earth.

As we started walking back to the conference we found ourselves in a field of soft golden grasses and were pulled to capture a handful of images that reflected Elena's radiant state of inner peace. My profound gratitude goes out to Elena for sharing her practice and soothing presence with me during such a sublime and sacred moment in time.


About the Author

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Bill Tipper is one of the top yoga photographers in the world and the author and photographer of THE NATURE OF YOGA, Meditations On Love, Beauty & Truth, a new coffee table photography book that honors the beauty of yoga and meditation practiced in Nature.

Bill and his yoga photography were recently the subjects of an article in the April 2012 issue of Popular Photography magazine. He is an Expressive Arts faculty member for Mobius Executive Leadership and leads small workshops on Yoga and Human Form Photography to beautiful destinations around the world.  His images can be seen in numerous photography books, as well as a diverse collection of print and online publications including Travel & Leisure, Yoga Journal, Yoga International,  and Traveler Magazine.