New Lululemon ‘Brahmacharya’ Shopping Bags Promote Self-Control w/ Needles, Condoms, Alcohol, Oh My!



In our top ten list of things we thought we'd never see combined: Lululemon + junk food + needles & alcohol...

Yes, this is another piece to file under the 'yoga gone wild' sect of our community's more recent past (have stranger things happened?). And before we go any further, if you wanted our attention Lulu, you got it—oh wait, or maybe that's the point.

If you think about it though, with their 'Camel Toe' advertisement history, should we really be surprised by Lululemon's in-your-face marketing?

Huffinton Post writer Carolyn Gregorie wasn't impressed:

Yoga mega-retailer Lululemon is no stranger to off-color ad campaigns and embarrassing slip-ups (Who could forget the see-through pants debacle?). But the high-market yogawear chain's latest gaffe might just take the proverbial cake.

In a misguided attempt to appeal to aspiring yogis, Lululemon recently launched a new o-LULULEMON-BAG-570shopping bag series illustrating yoga's traditional five yamas -- principles, or social contracts, of right living, as outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, a traditional compendium of yoga philosophy with roots in the Hindu faith.

As part of the series, the company has been doling out a reusable tote back with one of the yamas, brahmacharya, the Sanskrit term for "celibacy."

Sandy Wei, executive assistant to Lulu's VP of Planning & Allocations and Director of Merchandise, explained in an introductory blog post in September how the yama has affected her life:

If it weren't for Brahmacharya, I'd be eating greasy Church's Chicken while refusing to do much else except play with puppies and take selfies with said chicken and puppies. Brahmacharya has been the most impactful yama in my everyday life. It reminds me to practice moderation and non-excess, thereby consciously creating a better balance in mind and body... All my life, I have denied when enough was enough. Whether it was spending all evening on social media, or seeing my boyfriend for the fifth day in a row, or mentally preparing myself for the third round at the buffet, I've always had a hard time telling myself when to stop.

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What do you think? Can you appreciate Lulu's scare tactics or do you think they've gone too far?

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