NomadYOGI: A Social Network for Yogis to Call “OM”

NomadYogi: Practitioners who study yoga with sincerity and authenticity now have a web community that is as devoted to yoga as they are.

Long time Ashtanga yoga student and digital nomad Joseph Goodman saw that something was missing in the yoga community. An avid traveler, he was always on the lookout for yoga instructors with whom he could continue his practice while on the road. At the same time, he saw his yoga-teacher-friends mired in the difficulty of managing yoga studios and attracting new students to their retreats and workshops.

Joseph envisioned a web platform in which yoga students could easily connect with yoga instructors, and he dedicated himself to creating NomadYOGI— a social network exclusively focused on the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and academic pursuit of yoga. “Rather than selling yoga as a fitness industry, we’re talking about learning yoga as a tool for self-inquiry,” says Goodman. NomadYOGI’s goal is to simplify, organize, and promote a yoga-centered life.

If you're looking to find a local class or yoga retreat, NomadYOGI is the new go-to resource, with worldwide listings from those serious about the practice of yoga. Students can find the right teacher or studio by filtering criteria such as style, date, location, and price. But it's built to do so much more. Students can learn more about instructors from their Spectrum Reviews, which rate teachers qualitatively, rather than a number of stars. For example, one might lean towards giving physical adjustments, while another tends to provide more verbal instructions. Once students have this information, they will be able to choose a class that feels right for them, based on their preferences.

Teachers can use NomadYOGI to foster connection with students beyond their local studio, helping yoga aspirants of all levels deepen their practice. Moreover, the micro blogging stream and Sangha (Q&A forum) will help teachers build a global following based on the quality of their insight, rather than the size of their marketing budget. Teachers also get free access to tools like event flyers and business cards while streamlining their scheduling, group messaging, even setting up automatic installment plans to make their retreats more affordable and organized.

You can also follow other users with whom you'd like to connect; submit questions about the finer points of yoga; share what you've learned and where you've been; and post pictures of your favorite studios, teachers, retreat centers, and yoga shalas. NomadYOGI is a yoga-centric platform that’s fully integrated with social media and shareable across all other networks.

Finally, it’s all in one place.

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