Obsessed with Yoga? 10 Ways to Tell You're a True Yogi


The term yogi simply refers to one who practices yoga, but how do you know when this term has become a part of the description of who you are?

What does it take to be considered a yogi? If you find yourself doing a few if not all of these things below, you can consider yourself a true yogi:

When you trip and fall or hurt a body part the first thing you think about is if you will be able to do yoga tomorrow?

Your non toxic yoga mat is tucked under your arm every time you leave the house.

You find yourself in a downward facing dog pose at the office.

Your daily wardrobe consists of fashionable yoga pants and tops.

It feels weird to put shoes on.

Your new best friend is your yoga instructor.

When your body feels a little stiff you instantly practice a sun salutation no matter where you might be.

You have bought every yoga DVD/find yourself practicing online yoga when you can't get to the studio or even on days you've already been.

As soon as you finish a practice, you can't wait to do it again.

You find yourself in a standing yoga pose while in line at the grocery store (you know when you find yourself in Tree Pose without even thinking about it!)

Although some of these examples are pretty funny, there is truth behind each one of them. But ultimately yoga will become a life within your life and that’s when you truly know that you’ve become a yogi.


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