Organic & Effective: Can We Have it All?

Is “Organic” Always the Right Choice?

by Clear Gear Sports Spray

Anything with the word “organic” on the label always seems like the best choice. However the definition for “organic”, when it comes to cleaning products, is often difficult to decipher. Green Cleaning is defined as utilizing products that are not dangerous to the environment. Unfortunately, it is not that cut and dry when it comes to the way many companies market their cleaning products. Some products labeled as organic do so because their bottle is biodegradable, others because their ingredients are all natural. As a consumer, you want something that is safe for you and your children, but also tough on harmful bacteria.

Unfortunately, the terms “organic” and “environmentally friendly” are often thrown on to cleaning products to make them more marketable. The only way to know if it is truly organic, meaning all of the ingredients are natural, is by reading the ingredients. If you do find something that is truly organic, or you make a solution yourself, it is not going to have the same effective properties that you will get from a traditional disinfecting product. However, if the product has an EPA certification, meaning it has been inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency and deemed safe for the environment, it may still have the powerful chemicals needed to properly disinfect.

What is Effective?

Especially for yogis, disinfection of workout equipment is essential. Dangerous bacteria such as herpes infections, plantar warts, cold & flu viruses, staph infections (MRSA, impetigo), streptococcus ‘flesh eating’ bacteria, meningitis, E.coli, Coryne bacteria (acne), athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, and toenail fungus accumulates on your yoga mat after each practice. Unfortunately, your DIY organic cleaner is not going to do the trick of killing all of these dangerous organisms. You are putting yourself at an even higher risk when using communal mats at the yoga studio or gym.

A disinfectant needs a small dilution of powerful chemicals to kill dangerous organisms. But, if it is going on your yoga mat or other workout equipment, then you don’t want it to irritate your skin or be dangerous to touch. This is where yogis often find trouble, usually opting for something “organic” that doesn’t actually kill any germs and leaving the body at risk. Even worse, they may find themselves taking the other extreme and using something as strong as bleach or straight ammonia which is very harmful to the environment and body.

Opt for Something SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

Yes, there are cleaning products out there that are both safe and effective, even if they do not have the generic “organic” marketing. Take Clear Gear Sports Spray for example. Clear Gear is proven to kill all of the germs that can cause sickness and infection in your body. This spray is widely used in gyms, on wrestling mats, in the home, and on kid’s sports equipment. Its versatility and effectiveness, while being safe, makes it the perfect option for athletes- yes yogis, you are athletes!

Clear Gear is also EPA Approved, meaning it has gone through several governmental tests and has been deemed safe for the environment. It is also completely safe to touch, so your skin won’t get irritated upon contact with the solution.