Practical Magic: Nasya – The Face, Nose & Head Healer

Practical Magic: Nasya – The Face, Nose & Head Healer

Name: Nasya

Most Commonly Found: Nasya originates from India for its use in Ayurveda. It is now commonly used in alternative medicine centers throughout the world.

Stone Cold Facts: Nasya is one of the 5 panchakarma or Ayurvedic detoxification therapies techniques. It's done through the insertion of the herbal substances into the nose.

Nasya is a total head, nose and face healer, which can be particularly healing during sinus season. 

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What to Heal: Nasya is known for clearing the nose and sinuses of obstruction, promoting the cleansing and flow of lymphatic fluid, helping clear the voice, promoting lightness of the body, soothing dryness in the nose, and eliminating general symptoms of disease.

When a person uses it often, it improves the skin texture and complexion, stops or delays graying hair and alopecia, strengthens the neck, shoulders and arms, as well as increasing the flow of prana through Ida and Pingala Nadis. 

It is healing for all disorders of the head and neck, disorders of the brain and central nervous system, chronic upper respiratory disorders, chronic headaches and migraines, disorders of the eyes, ears, mouth, throat and the general glandular structures of the head.

It can also help relieve all eye and ear problems, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as loss of the sense of smell.

It also eliminates metabolic waste product from the head and it is extremely cleansing when it is used with oil, which is is deeply nurturing, as it clears and softens as it passes through the tissue, which allows for the smooth flow of oxygen and prana, helping to eliminate any blockages.

There are two major types of Nasya  Shamana Nasya and Shodana Nasya. The former pacifies imbalance and is calming and nourishing to the nervous system. The latter helps to remove the imbalanced excess from the body and is detoxifying and clearing the channels of the head.

When combined with Abhyanga (oil massage) of the head, it can also be used for indigestion, stress, pregnancy and postnatal (Source: Kimmana).

How to Heal: Nasya is generally applied directly in the body. It can be placed in the nose with the head tilted for allergies and nasal symptoms. It can be washed into face warm or into warm medicated oil which can be placed on the sinus cavities and around the eyes to warm the sinus cavities. It can also be gargled. It is also often massaged into the body, depending on your dosha[Get more instructions.]

Related Chakras: While it can be used for almost all the chakras, it is generally used to heal the Heart, Crown and Throat Chakras. 

Psychic + Spiritual Properties: When Nasya is used correctly it enhances mental and sensory acuity, promotes mental clarity and improves general happiness. It is ideally used before yoga or meditation and serves to release emotions and old patterns. 

It has been said to help people discover their divine purpose in life. Before sleep, it can be used to heal old patterns during dreaming

It helps release both Pitta and Vita emotions. 

History + Lore:  According to Ayurveda, the nose is the entrance to the brain, so Nasya has been used throughout India's history, as one of the important 5 methods of Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy. It also has been traditionally used in massage.