Practice Samadhi: You are the Universe

Samadhi, the eighth and final limb of yoga, is described as a deep sense of universal oneness—the universe is you and you are the universe. 

Knowing this gives you a deeper respect for yourself and all things—and that extends to the mat you practice on. 

I practice only on mats made from non-polluting, renewable materials by workers who were paid and treated fairly because they’re better for the planet—and for me. 

I became a Yogasana Ambassador because the company reflects my sense of Samadhi with its revolutionary yet traditional handwoven cotton yoga mats. Made in India on manual looms, the mats’ creation leaves little ecological footprint. They require no electricity to make, are locally sourced with high-grade cotton, and are colored with nontoxic natural dyes. They’re designed to last a lifetime, so there’s zero waste. Yogasana’s philanthropic regenerative approach—the company gives back proceeds from the sale of every mat to support education for the children of the workers who make the mats through the Yogasana Circle— also speak to my soul. 

For me, living a holistic lifestyle includes supporting ecologically conscious companies who honor the earth and give back. Yogasana mats are exceptionally comfortable and a pleasure to practice on. 

Anyone can tap into samadhi by setting intentions on something greater than themselves—and while making sustainable purchases is part of that, you never have to buy anything to realize the goal. Vote with your dollar. Reuse and create. Support companies who support their workers. Buy locally. Spread awareness.