Samyama and the Psychic Telescope: A Discussion with Dharma Mittra


By the clarity of intuitive perception, all things can be known.” ~The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Alistair Shearer translation

My Guru taught that when you start seeing the light at the space between the eyebrows, that is the first sign that indicates the Sixth Sense (the Pituitary Gland) is awakening. This is the dawn of Divine Perception, the activation of the Psychic Telescope.

In the beginning, this light at the space between the eyebrows keeps appearing and disappearing. The second step of the process is to hold and maintain its presence when it appears. The third step is to control the light—your focus, your telescope, and come to direct it anywhere you like. Then you can have Divine Perception of anything.

Those who are drawn to astrology, for example, should use Samyama [simultaneous practice of Dhāraṇā (concentration), Dhyāna (meditation) & Samādhi] and focus the Astral Telescope on the moon. Through this action, you gain the complete knowledge of astrology.

Did you ever see the drawing of the Lotto numbers on TV? There are hundreds of little balls and each one has a number on it. They are all placed inside of a big container and made to spin. All the balls inside move and dance in all directions. To start this dance, someone pushes a button to see which number is to be selected first. All the balls keep going around and around seemingly randomly for a few seconds. Then they all come to a stop – let’s say a 20 is drawn. If you could know exactly the result of every action caused by the pressing of the button until the end of the drawing, you would know precisely what the winning number was going to be.

When exactly the person pressing the button to start this whole process has the condition to press it – that already would tell you something. If the person is calm, he or she will take a few fractions of a second longer to push the button than someone who is not. Maybe the button, the way you push it, the part that triggers the electricity, maybe it takes a thousandth of a second for that to happen. And then the balls will move into that holder where they can be displayed and read. Then you have to be able to predict the position of each ball in the holder. You have to put all these factors together with the movement of the earth. The astrological influences may affect things also.

If you could accurately predict the way all of these factors would play out, you could find out exactly which ball is going to come up there each time. If you wanted to be more precise, you could look to see that the number on the ball is going to be at a 30-degree angle facing west when it comes to rest in the holder. If you could predict all these movements, you could find out which number is the lottery number, but it’s impossible for the conscious mind to do that. Only a celestial computer like our subconscious mind can do this.

True psychic power is deep inside everyone.

It is not easy to reach that place.

When you reach it, mysteriously, you understand that you do not need to have any psychic powers in order to win a lottery prize because you know that according to the Laws of Karma, if you have the credit from the past, anyone can win. All these people who win the lottery, go deep into their past and see the reason why. Maybe the public owes them some benefits as credit for past actions? For sure, a perfect reason is the cause of it.

Not even one penny is lost here – everything returns in a mysterious way. Some people play the Lotto for the first time and win 35 million dollars because they have the Karmic credit. Other people are playing for their entire life and still can’t win anything. They already lost thousands playing because they don’t have the Karmic credit necessary to win.

You can get all these answers by Samyama. If you want to find out what’s cooking in the head of an ape, for example, you copy him physically and mentally. There is a tribe somewhere in Africa where the natives go into a trance-state and pretend that they are apes. After a few minutes, they are acting exactly like apes. During this experience, they are human beings no longer. By doing that, a person may experience just how an ape feels. You can even experience the way a monkey jumps and swings from tree to tree in this way.

“By the clarity of intuitive perception, all things can be known.” ~Yoga Sutras, Shearer translation)

You have to give up your ego. Keep repeating: “I am not the doer; I am not the doer,” and then you see everything coming by itself without anything personal added. Automatically, you’ll be guided by inner intuition. “I am not the doer.” You see things happening by themselves: decisions being made, for example—everything being done by itself. It’s by going through this that the other part comes in—the subtle Divine intuition.

From Samyama on the heart comes awareness of pure mind.” ~Yoga Sutras, Shearer translation

That means to do Samyama on the Spiritual Heart on the right side of your physical heart. Some surrender – that’s the source of everything, too. From there, the rest will come.

*Transcribed by Adam Frei

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Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra was born in 1939 in Brazil and first encountered reincarnation and the Laws of Karma at age 14, yoga at 17, all through the pages of books. From 1958-1964, Sri Dharma served in the Brazilian Air Force and focused on bodybuilding and wrestling in his spare time. In 1964, Sri Dharma met his Guru in New York City and immediately became a full-time Yogi. Two years later, h...READ MORE