Set Your Life on Fire: YOGANONYMIX

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I bet there’s at least one thing in your life you think you couldn’t live without.

Maybe it’s your steady paycheck, best friend, Instagram following, home, career, routine, ideas about who you are and/or are not, or whatever screen you're currently staring into. 

We've all got plenty at stake, and we all spend a whole lot of energy protecting it. 

But inevitably, sooner or later—one way or another—we lose it all.

Here's the good news though: When wildfires rip through hundreds of thousands of acres of forest, as we all stand agape at the incredible destruction, worrying that things will never be the same—far below the smoke plumes and flame tips captured by helicopter cameras, something incredible is happening. 

Hundreds of thousands of long-dormant pinecones are cracking open in the fire’s heat. Inside, the seeds of the giant sequoia—the largest tree on earth—get their first chance at life. These seeds germinate almost exclusively after wildfires. These seedlings thrive in the nutrient-rich habitat of a recently desolated forest, and then they grow to be over 300-feet tall and live for thousands of years.

What I am suggesting here, good people, is that it's only once your world as you knew it burns down that some of the strongest, greatest, most resiliently genius and beautiful parts of you will show up.

To listen to Tasha's Ecstatic YOGANONYMIX House playlist as one continuous track without a pause between tracks, click play below:

  • Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby! • 

You can find Tasha at The Get Down and Deep House Yoga in NYC and epic dance parties around the country. For her updated tour schedule click here for the full scoop.

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The founder of The Get Down, Tasha Blank lives in service of dance, which is the quickest path to love in the here and now. She creates events that disrupt the status quo by injecting incredible beats with the intention to let wild our most liberated badassery.

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