Shiva Rea's 10 Days of Peace Online Sadhana | 12/12/13 - 12/21/13


Join Shiva Rea and the Samudra School of Global Yoga for Ten Days of Peace 12-12-13 - 12-21-13:

During the next ten days we will be rising at sunrise until the Winter Solstice in our Ten Days of Peace online sadhana. You can join us in your own way and connect to this transformative time by:

- creating a sacred space with fire at the center

- rise with sunrise or meditate

- later at sunset for as long as you have - one breath contains eternity

- ignite a sacred flame as the flame of your own heart

- offer three prostrations (whole body surrender) as universal movement of letting go and coming home

- circulate your breath as mantra (hamsa as inhale exhale)

- including mantras in your own spiritual tradition for cultivating peace "om shanti" SONY DSC"shalom" "awen or amen" "om mani padme hum"

- embody your experience of peace as a living, cellular experience the calm under the waves, the still light of fire in the core, a compassionate connection to the mystery of the heart, the cessation of violence, conflict, tensions through a deeper wisdom and truth

- close with your form of prayer and connection to all of the prayers all day long all over the planet for peace

-remember those before us and those to come particularly the great peacemaker Mandiba Nelson Mandela whose funeral is at this time.

- move through your day by cultivating peace in heart, thought, speech, and action without losing your juicy, eccentric and passionate self. Shine on you cosmic fireball of love shine on.

If you want to join us: