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Join the Manifesto Movement | A Message from Sianna Sherman

The following message comes to us from the lovely and ever-inspirational Sianna Sherman – enjoy!

Join the Manifesto Movement

Sisters and Brothers,

Today is May Day, also known as Beltane, which means “bright fire”. It is the mid-point between spring equinox and summer solstice. It is a day of remembering LOVE as the manifesting power of every single person’s heart. It is on this day that we wish to launch the Manifesto Movement of May.

We invite you to write a manifesto of your innermost truth. A manifesto that becomes a portal to your most profound connection with all that is. Consider what really matters to you, what ignites your soul and beckons you to the depth of your being. Consider what calls you forward with a willingness to state and declare your longing and the vision of your heart.

2012 is a year of paradigm shifts and new ways of thinking. It is a seam in the fabric of time to create strategies for both personal and global healing. As we are faced with challenge, we have an opportunity for real growth and instrumental change from within. For effective and beneficial change to happen, it must emerge from a place of inner listening, honest self-confrontation and a deep attunement to the essence of one’s being.

Too often our surface identity isolates and sequesters us from the greater whole. We can cut ourselves off from listening to each other based on religion, politics, philosophy, tradition, cliques and trends. 2012 is a time of accelerated learning for humanity, and we can rise to the occasion with collective vision that serves our expanded family.

We hold open this manifesto doorway for everyone to walk through in voice, heart, mind and body. Everyone is welcome. All walks of life, all ages, all ethnicities, all human beings as one family of true radiant power. We hold space for your empowered voice. We support your highest and most potent alignment with the creative powers of the Universe. Our vision is to weave a garland of manifestos around the world for the full activation of the life force energy to serve healing and transformation.

We have created a Facebook page, for your manifestos to start pouring in. We are building a website to hold and document all the declarations you offer. Come be inspired by the power of people’s hearts and remember that true change begins within each and every one of us.

Anchor to Love
Keep your Heart Open
Ground down and unleash yourself
Dive deep and leap high
Connect in and reach out
Know yourself and offer your voice
Manifest the greatness of YOU!

Here’s how you begin

1) Write your manifesto in the month of May up to 233 words.
2) Post it on this Facebook page.
3) Tell us your name, city, country, age if you like and what you’re passionate about.
4) Post a photo of yourself that embodies your manifesto.
5) Check in whenever you need inspiration at
6) Tell your friends and family to share their manifestos with the world.
This is the Manifesto Movement of May and we await your heart’s declaration.

With great love,

Sianna and the Open to Grace team

May 1, 2012

Check out this video below to learn more:

YouTube Preview Image


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