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Some of our Favorite Teachers Give Thanks to be present for 10 Years of Stellar Work


Two months ago, be present—one today’s leading yoga clothing and apparel companies—celebrated 10 years of continuously solid production.

For a company birthed in owner Amy Lopatin Dobrin’s basement, up against an unsteady economy and the evolution in environmentally friendly style over the course of a decade, it’s no small feat to have not only remained in business, but to have lost not an ounce of integrity—or “sold out”—in the process.

To show their gratitude, some of our community’s top teachers have come together to give thanks to the company who knows how to continuously be present:

Roberto Lim
“I love my be present Baja Shorts because they are as comfortable wearing on the street as they are when I am in the studio. Congratulations Jon and Amy for 10 years! May joy and prosperity continue to flow into be present!

Gina Caputo
“Congratulations on 10 OMazing years to Jon & Amy whose combination of devotion, creativity, courage and perseverance have resulted in an extraordinary company. Surrounded by beloved friends and family, creating fun and sustainable products, setting the bar for mindfulness in business—you inspire us all! Thank you for the privilege of being part of be present!”

“What do you get when you combine a 37-hour flight with bag screenings at each of the three stops along the way and Bali in April at 90 degrees and 100% humidity with daily downpours? Say hello to my little friend…the Kona Pant. Not only can you pack these down like a pro but they are the most functional garment imaginable in sunny, humid, monsoony places. Lightweight and dry in a wink, and give you that all-important thigh sun protection when cruising through the paddies on your scooter! I wore mine with the Modal Racerback [Tank] because when it’s that warm, my skin needs to breathe. I love that it doesn’t cling fit and allows for some circulation. Right now all the Sun and Moon Konas are killing me with their cuteness and the Concord Grape Modal [Racerback Tank] is jellylicious.”

Jason Nemer
“be present has been one of the most generous companies I have worked with. The owners Jon and Amy have always been committed to doing good in the world as they style out yogis in cool clothes. They are always playing with new eco materials and their grounded ethics about people, relationships and the planetary web is one of the reasons Be Present is a global brand. I admire and support 100% of what be present does and how they do it.”

Dave Porter
“Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Jon and Amy and the entire be present crew! You guys rock! Thanks for all you have done for me, and for so many others, over the past 10 years. Best wishes to you all for the next 10!”

Coral Brown
What it means to Coral to “be present”:  “To be present is to Be Alive. Being present is living an examined life, it is about diving in head first, it is the art of recognizing your Self and your purpose and then fulfilling that purpose with a firm sense of commitment, joy and the occasional haphazard leap into the abyss!”

Favorite items from be present: “In the winter I live in the French Terry resort pant—who doesn’t love pockets, and the Long Versatility Pants—love the snaps! Summer is the Kona and the Island Short. I love to mix and match the Modal Easy Cami with the Ribbed Racerback Bra. Currently, the Renew Elite Tank and Crop Pants have been rocking it on the mat!”

David Romanelli
What it means to David to “be present”: “Embracing the things we love most but to embrace them as rituals. In the modern world, we lack rituals. To light a candle, to put on a good tune, to set the scene and then take a bite of something absolutely delicious, such as chocolate, is away of creating a moment amidst the madness.”

Favorite items from be present: “Organic Cotton Be Present Tee and Movement Pant”

Bo Forbes
“Happy 10th Anniversary to Jon, Amy and the gang at be present! be present is one of the most conscious companies I’ve ever collaborated with: they combine innovation with social responsibility, coolness with eco-awareness, and creativity with mindfulness. They’re always looking for ways to benefit others through their work: our recent collaboration, the Restore hoodie, will offer 25% of proceeds to the Arthritis Foundation to help raise awareness of arthritis as an illness that affects people of all ages. The hoodie is amazing: it’s soft, sleek, and colorful- and a great reminder to indulge in the therapeutic and contemplative practices of yoga along with the active ones. Happy Anniversary, be present! May your creativity, warmth, and generosity continue to yield abundance for the next ten years!”

Head on over to today to check out some of their brand new spring items and purchase some new threads! 

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