Spiritual Life Hacks: Keep Your Soul in Check

As a Spiritual Personal Assistant, aka PA for the Soul, I come across all sorts.

And I mean all sorts: The yoga newbie who looks confused while everyone seems to flow through sun salutations on autopilot; the wellness guru who launches into a spiel about how to activate your nuts before you bake your raw food cake; the spiritual life coach who will diagnose your chakras by what color clothes you are wearing, who will point you in the direction of a naturopath, chiropractor, and reiki master as prescription. All of these new age types (and by no means am I talking spiritual stereotypes or labels) are open, explorative, helpful, and forever-seeking more in terms of spiritual growth. 

Regardless whether you fit one of these types or not, you too can continue boldly on the path of spiritual growth. As you do so, however, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind to keep your soul in check. Here are the top three things you can do to help to keep your soul's evolution in motion.

Energy Check: Your soul is energetically alert

Your soul's energy radar is switched to on mode. Spiritual people are sensitive and understanding, almost to the point that they absorb other energies around them. They understand that you are either adding to a good vibe, or polluting the space around you with negativity. Just as a person with a highly infectious illness wouldn’t go around purposefully spreading it, a spiritual person expects the same respect and cleanliness to be concerned when spreading negative energy. Be conscious of what energy you are spreading and make sure you are not coughing negativity without covering your mouth!

The key is to be aware of how others feel in your company, and vice versa. You should always leave people feeling better for being around you. Be gentle with yourself, however: You are human, and bad days happen. Just make sure that you're looking after yourself and giving yourself space and quiet when needed. Being aware of your energy—and how it's interacting with other energies—is a sign of a conscious soul.

Ego Check: Your soul is not in competition

Spiritual people don’t judge, compare, or compete with others. They respect everyone's beliefs, understand that everyone is on a unique journey, in her own space, learning in her own time, her own way. They understand that everyone’s growth, development, and life lessons are unique.

A non-spiritual person or self-appointed ‘guru’ will always be seeking to trump other spiritualists: seeking to be the knower of all, the wisest, the ‘I know more than you’ projection artist. Be careful not to fall into the spiritual ego trap. Some people even make meditation a marathon where only one person can win gold. Heads up: If that's the case, you are doing it wrong. #EveryoneWins

The key is to focus on yourself, what your soul tells you, what your body needs, what feels right for you. Nobody else can beat you to your spiritual finish line—you are the only person in the race! So stop comparing, or competing, and focus on your leg of the spiritual journey.

Entourage Check: Having a spiritual entourage

Solitude is the best way to recharge your soul. We do not need constant social engagements, the illusion of busy – we are content with being in the presence of only our self. While some liberated spiritualists love to be surrounded by others, in the limelight and out on the town they are conscious to add to others lives while partying – be it joy, laughter, company, most of all energy. A young soul will often be the last one to bed and the ringleader for social gatherings and are more about being the life of the party, than caring about the lives at the party. They are fun... But not necessarily wise.

The older soul who may still have the social itch will be surrounded by likeminded souls. People who share similar experiences, are spiritually evolving, or who share the same vibe. Your spiritual entourage will light and lift you up! These can be people, groups, classes, or channels, like YOGANONYMOUS!

The key is to be good company, to yourself, and to those in your surrounding you. Be present, and operate from a constant state of openness and growth. Gift people your time, energy, wisdom, and truth.

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