Spotlight on Super Green Hemp: The Solution to Today's Yoga Mat

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Tired of using rubber mats that have proven to be a concern to health?

Good news for you is that a new (yet ancient) concept for a mat has been developed that the real yogi sages would be proud of. Introducing the SuperGreen Hemp Yoga Mat on Kickstarter which aligns with some of the core principles of yoga: healthy, simple, and natural. Why hemp? Well, hemp is a one of the most versatile plants known to mankind. Not only is hemp considered a super food for its nutritious content but it also produces the strongest natural fibre. And no, hemp does not get you high. SuperGreen second pic regular size

We all know the problems we often face with yoga mats today: toxic and unnatural materials, hard to keep clean, slippage when wet requiring towels, heavy to lug around and scrapped when damaged. And we love how this mat provides the solution to these problems: · Excellent grip! The more you sweat the more you stick · Machine washable · Integrated rolling straps · Highly durable · Suitable for any kind of yoga environment · Ideal for pre-natal and hot yoga SuperGreen Third Pic Regular Size

The SuperGreen Hemp Yoga Mat is currently being featured on kickstarter. Check out their project page if you are curious about getting one. They are even throwing in a hemp shoulder sling/yoga strap with each pre-booked mat. That's always a plus.

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