Super Bowl 2015 Commercials that Om

For those of us who are less than interested in the actual Super Bowl, the commercials provide moments or humor and pop culture in between the action. 

We're compiled our top "yoga" commercials: 

1. SquareSpace's Power of Om with Jeff Bridges 

One of the most yogi commercials to air during the 2015 Super Bowl had to be SquareSpace's Power Of Om ad featuring Jeff Bridges. In it, the actor sat in a darkened room, chanting om while hitting a singing bowl. 

2. Invisible Mindy Kaling's Nationwide Insurance Commerical

After feeling like she is invisible, Mindy Kaling goes around New York City doing all the things that she would do if she was invisible, including nude yoga at Central Park. 

What were your favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials this year? 

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