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Tadasana Festival Presents: Sounds of Tadasana | Free Playlist Courtesy of YogiTunes

The Tadasana International Festival of Yoga & Music is going down April 20th – 22nd in Santa Monica, CA!

And to get you stoked for the event, the fine people over at YogiTunes are hooking you up with a free 30-song playlist! More information below from Tadasana Festival’s website:

Sounds of Tadasana

The Tadasana Festival has partnered with YogiTunes, the ultimate online yoga music store, to offer The Sounds of Tadasana, a free 30-song download featuring the illustrious array of global artists who will be performing during the festivities. The collection is produced by festival Co-Founder/Director Fabian Alsultany, who has a long history producing albums and tours as the founding member of GlobeSonic Entertainment.

“Sounds of Tadasana brings light to what has become the soundtrack to yoga in America,” says Alsultany. “These are the amazing global-minded songs you hear played in the 20,000 yoga studios in this country. The festival represents the first time that the worlds of kirtan and devotional music is meeting world electronica on such a level, and this compilation perfectly reflects that.”

“Creating community through the power of yoga and music is what we’re all about,” says YogiTunes co-founder Rara Avis. “We’re grateful to be supporting our friends at Tadasana. The excitement really built when we found out the amazing lineup of teachers, artists, healers and positive vibe creators that the producers have put together.”

Sounds of Tadasana Track LIsting

1. Guru Sloka [feat PremaSoul] - Masood Ali Khan
2. Bamba - The Toure-Raichel Collective
3. Mimouna - Hassan Hakmoun
4. Bolo Bolo [feat MC Yogi] - Go-Ray & Duke
5. Bittersweet - Vishal Vaid
6. Golden Age - DJ Drez
7. Pranayamystic - Shaman’s Dream
8.  Cinema - Karsh Kale
9. May All Beings - EarthRise SoundSystem
10. Rock On Hanuman (Nicodemus Spy From Cairo Balkan B-Boy Remix) - MC Yogi
11. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (feat. Sukhdev Jackson) - Fabian Alsultany
12. Aaye Bhairav Bholanath - Cheb I Sabbah
13. Saraswati (Slow River Deep) - Suzanne Sterling
14. m Narayani - Govindas & Radha
15. Thief Of Hearts (Govinda Govinda Gopala) - Jai Uttal
16. Havayah - Kirtan Rabbi
17. Miss Peace - Momo Loudiyi
18. Copper Moon - Tom Freund
19. Free In Your Love (Purna) - Steve Gold
20. Devi Ma - Mother Medicine
21. Aad Sach - Aykanna
22. Elevator to God - Ame Kora
23. Women Of Hope - Morley
24. Invisible People - Chris Pierce
25. Omkara Bindu - Tony Khalife
26. Jai Ma  - Annmarie  Solo
27. Speaking Of Source… - Premasoul
28. Buddha’s Lullaby - Manose
29. Heart Sutra - Wah!
30. Ong So Hung - The Guru Singh Experience

Click here to download this awesome playlist now!

Click here to purchase your tickets for Tadasana today!

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