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YOGANONYMIX | Black Swan Sounds Presents Technicolor Fall

YOGANONYMIXers, this week’s YOGANONYMIX – Technicolor Fall, Black Swan Sounds’s October playlist — features a DubConscious remix, new forward-thinking hip-hop from Technicolor Lenses, Kirtaniyas with The Polish Ambassador, Afro roots, sound tools from DJ Drez, a “Yoga Breakdance” from MC Yogi, a …

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Watch | Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

Countless celebrities are coming together to Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence, as a part of Everytown for Gun Safety. Sign the petition to Demand A Plan here. YOGANONYMOUS supports demanding a plan to end gun violence. Are you in?

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Institute a No Shoes Policy at Home

Taking off your shoes as you walk into your house can seriously benefit your health, preventing harmful toxins and other chemicals from entering the home. via Home Health Love “Studies have shown that people track in all sorts of harmful toxins …

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Transition Tuesday | Halloween Yoga (Cartoon)

Happy Transition Tuesday! In this segment, we find awesome yoga transitions from throughout the internet to inspire us in our practices. Looking for the perfect Halloween flow to do in your costume? Check out Jodie Taylor’s Halloween Yoga flow and …

Yoga Pose Breakdown | Wild Thing (Rock Star), Camatkarasana

Yoga Pose Breakdown | Wild Thing (Rock Star), Camatkarasana

Sanskrit Name: Camatkarasana (ka-mat-KRAS-anna) Get Started: :: Begin in Downward-Facing Dog :: Shift your weight into your left palm and left foot :: Lift your right leg and stake your right hip over your left :: Inhale and lift your hips :: …

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Watch | Just Breathe: A Tale of Near Death & Survival

When Andy Wirth crash landed into a vineyard during a skydiving accident, his arm was severed. As he knelt there bleeding, he stayed conscious by singing Just Breathe by Pearl Jam. It was at this moment – strangely at peace …

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It’s Pumpkin Season | 9 Great Recipes

Well+Good Your Healthiest Relationship Pumpkin season is officially in full swing. (Finally!) And while pumpkin recipes can go down the wrong food path pretty quickly (think sugary lattes and pies), there are also plenty of ways to eat this winter squash …

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Gluten Free Madness | Time to Cut Out Gluten?

Let’s face it — being gluten free may even be as common as being a vegetarian at this point. About 10 years ago, it was rare to find a person eating a gluten free diet. Is it time you become …

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Celebrate Halloween the Healthy Way

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. As a kid I loved visiting the pumpkin patch, picking then bobbing for apples, and getting scared out of my wits on haunted hayrides. Now as an adult, I love shedding my grown-up skin …


YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | October 31 – November 2

Happy Halloween, Yogis! We hope you are movin’ and groovin’ through the final week of October 2014 wherever you may be – can you believe November is right around the corner? The good news is that this weekend packs an extra …


7 Signs Your Friend May Be Jealous & What You Can Do About It

Schadenfreude is a German word for happiness at the misfortune of others. And who hasn’t felt better being there for their friends in times of need? But this intention can also manifest in sneakier ways: displeasure at our friend’s success. …


Eight Benefits of Hot Yoga

It’s no secret that Hot Yoga is popular. Celebrities, royalty and athletes are flocking to studios worldwide to lock the knee and stare into their own eyes. Anyone can do it! Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for …

Yoga in the sacred place

Yoga Inspiration: My 25 Favorite Yoga Quotes

Yoga is more than just poses. In fact, the Asana comprises just a small part of the overall Eight Limbs of Yoga as spelled out in the Yoga Sutras. Find inspiration and wisdom by enjoying some of my favorite yogic …


The Benefits of Oil Pulling: Why I Love It & How to Do It

For almost a year now, I’ve been religiously Oil Pulling each morning or, as my dad so humorously calls it, “having a pull”. We’re a classy bunch in our house! After my morning meditation I come downstairs to the kitchen …

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8 Yoga Poses to Help You Get Your Handstand On

If you have your heart set on getting upside down, here are eight moves to practice. They’ll help you build strength and stability, so you’ll be standing on your hands in no time! Push-Ups: It may seem like Handstands are …


The Big Coconut Water Lie

Did you buy into all the hype about coconut water? In the past five years, the coconut water industry has exploded and found it’s way into the hands of many a yogi. I doubt you can walk into a studio, …


10 Benefits of Yoga Inversions

A yoga teacher’s suggestion to invert has the power to elicit a range of emotions from students—bewilderment, fear, anxiety, aversion, rejection, excitement, butterflies, you fill in the blank. Purposely turning ourselves upside down is contrary to our human physical locomotion-nature …


6 Mistakes You Might Be Making On Your Yoga Mat

Yoga is supposed to be all about serenity and bliss, but there’s no way you’ll feel relaxed and at peace with the world if you’re making these major no-nos on the mat. Not connecting breath with movements: For every movement …

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Recipe | Winter is Coming: Agni Soup to The Rescue!

    Winter is Coming… And more than just a gratuitous Game of Thrones reference, winter is quickly approaching, bringing with it an assortment of bugs, colds, sniffles, chills, aches, and the flu. Whenever I feel run-down, or when any sickness is …


Sanskrit, Say What? | Shanti

Word of the Week: Shanti (shan-tee) What it Means: Wikipedia: Shanti, Santhi or Shanthi (from Sanskrit शान्तिः śāntiḥ) means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss. The poet T.S. Eliot, in his poem The Waste Land (where he spelled it Shantih) …


Creating Community Through…Hashtags?

Yoga is about breath. Yoga is about movement. Yoga is about looking inward… but it seems lately that yoga has also started to be about looking screenward. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram draw us into the virtual world of looking down. …

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5 Yoga Poses For Better Posture

Sitting hunched over at your desk all day can lead to a curved spine, but combating that pull with these yoga poses will help you straighten up. Who knows? You may even gain an inch. Mountain Pose If you haven’t …


What’s Your Sign? | Your Horoscope For This Week

Hey Tauruses this is your week for a meant-to-be partnership, Geminis—slow and steady wins the race, Cancers, love is in the air and it’s thick—The One is coming your way. Check out what the stars have in store for you …


Save Money: How to Make Your Own Yoga Props

It’s easy to assume yoga is expensive. Classes may set you back 20 bucks each; $90 stretch pants may tempt you; and the cost of all that equipment—mats, rolls, bolsters, straps, eye masks—may resurface the very stress you calmed in …

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