Tales From the Mat | Holiday Edition—the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The holidays are fast approaching.

And here at YOGANONYMOUS we dig it when we can get the community together for a potluck post. We asked a variety of members of our expanding digital sangha for their most memorable holiday gift experience—we wanted  the good, the bad, the funny, and the ugly, a gift given, received, experienced, learned or hoped for this holiday season. And man did they deliver:

Kelly Morris:

The best Christmas present I ever got was a kick in the ass. For the holidays, my lover and I were to meet my family, then leave on an extended vacation and 'reconnect'. Clarity arrived two days before our flight to Florida: "We're done", he tapped out in the low-glow cowardice of a text message. First, I thrashed and flailed. But one fire ceremony later, I was up and running. Sometimes, nothing beats a good, hard kick in the ass to wake you up. Had he not dumped me, I'd now be married to one of NYC's worst cases, if you know what I mean. With divorce inevitably pending. Let his gift and my lesson be your wisdom: Stop getting into relationships with someone's unrealized potential. If they don't have what you need from the literal jump, there's the door. Walk through it. Don't waste time on someone who is unwilling, unable or otherwise disabled from growing, evolving, shifting or adapting. Take your desire to rescue him, turn it around, and rescue yourself.


Ashley Turner:

Last year, my boyfriend took us on a Christmas trip to Kauai…which was magnificent! I hadn't been there in 20 years and was blown away by its power, beauty and magic—pure shakti! It's the island on earth furthest from any mainland, which is a little eery and holds especially sacred energy. This is me filming my weekly vlog at sunset.

Hanuman Festival:

The gift of a collaborative, heartfelt community is what Hanuman Festival is grateful for. Our most memorable experiences are when the collective comes together to create special festival moments. We saw it with spontaneous Kirtans in yoga classes, heart opening closing ceremonies, wild dance parties and amongst all, the transformative yoga classes. Hanuman Festival is honored to be part of what yoga festivals can offer.

Gaiam TV:

Here at GaiamTV.com, the topic of 2012 is… 2012! Whether 12.21.12 brings us fiery meteors falling from the sky, or a chance for a new beginning, our team’s gingerbread house was built to stand the test of time. We thought our creative construction reflects some of the more interesting topics we have on GaiamTV.com. Regardless of opinions, this gingerbread house brought us laughter, fun and, of course, high-fructose corn syrup. See you on the flip side. Namaste.

Dharma Mittra:

Om Shanti, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a Joyous Kwanzaa to all of you!

The highest type of gift is knowledge because it is eternal. Knowledge is the sturdy vessel that carries you all the way to enlightenment. Also, sharing knowledge is the highest and best sort of charity. This holiday season, please give to someone else a real gift. For example, a gift certificate for meditation or purification classes, a holy book such as The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali, The Dhammapada or Autobiography of a Yogi or a send them on a yoga retreat to Kripalu or any such place. If you have any knowledge personally on subjects like veganism, the laws of karma, reincarnation or compassion, share this knowledge and you will be blessed indeed! Remember that it is by giving that we receive and these are the sort of gifts that will reduce lots of pain and suffering.

Alanna Kaivalya:

The only thing I want this holiday season is to give $3200 to the ASPCA through my annual Downloads for Doggies Drive!

Nicole Doherty, YogaWorks:

My most memorable gift this season is remembering who I really am and being alive at this amazing time on the planet! I want to thank all my teachers, shamans, friends, family and yoga community for supporting me in forgiving the traumas of the past, clearing old unconscious patterns, identifying my shadow, embracing it and thus, living consciously now with unconditional love in my heart! I am also thrilled to be giving back all that I have received this December. I am blessed to be leading beautiful, intentional human beings on a transformative journey into the jungles of Belize on a spiritual wellness retreat during the Winter Solstice and one of the most profound cosmic alignments in over 26,000 years! We're honoring this time by full opening our bodies, minds and spirits through yoga, bodywork astrology, and ceremonial work in the sacred Mayans lands and aligning our intentions with the powerful portal about to open.  The sun is aligning wit the Galactic Center, considered to be the celestial birth canal. The Mayans were aware of the potency of the descending currents from the heavens providing us a with a true gateway for rebirth and transformation unlike anything we've seen before!  It's truly a gift beyond measure this holiday season to be able to experience this, give back to my community and to be in Love with the Universe!

Happy Holidays homies! From our family to yours!