The DEA Is (Finally) Planning to Reclassify Weed

As of right now, federal law considers marijuana to be just as dangerous to public health as heroin. Based on the popularity of the herb, it’s easy to see why this comparisons frustrates a large portion of America

But this 25-page memo from the DEA reveals their plans to change the drug’s classification. One of the main reasons for the change is medical research. In states where weed is legal, the drug is used to treat multiple sclerosis, arthritis, the side effects of chemotherapy, and multiple other conditions. By reclaiming marijuana as a less-dangerous drug, it makes it easier for researchers to conduct marijuana-related studies and experiments. 

The memo also revealed that the FDA has completed several scientific and medical analyses on the safety and effectiveness of marijuana, but did not mention any results. 

While this news is likely to excite cannabis fans, weed-industry experts aren’t counting their chickens just yet.

“It’s potentially hugely significant, but also potentially hugely disappointing,” Tom Angell, founder of Marijuana Majority, says to Vice News. "If FDA and DEA are willing to take an objective look at the science, they'll have to come to the conclusion that marijuana does not belong in Schedule I, it obviously has medical value."

But there are several organizations supporting the reclassification. According to Elite Daily, the American Academy of Pediatrics challenged the DEA to reconsider its position just last year in the hopes of exploring the benefits of marijuana for children. The Epilepsy Foundation is on board too, citing that weed is beneficial in treating seizures. 

The plan is to redetermine weed’s status no later than July of this year.

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