The Future of Love: It's All in the Math

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Do you wonder why our relationship challenges seem to perpetuate beyond our control?

No matter what, the same shit comes around over and over. And how many hours do we spend talking and analyzing? Instead of driving ourselves emotionally crazy in therapy and endless conversation with friends, let’s get to a new potential source such as the math behind the madness!

As the co-owner of, I am always collaborating with different relationship practitioners in search of new creative insight for our online community. And as someone who understands the strain of relationship challenge, and its love/hate polarity, I have come to learn a new potential source worthy of exploration which reveals it may lie in the math! What, you ask? Yes, math. Our internal mathematical binary codes to be specific.

After my recent interview with Relationship Expert Mary E. Miller, creator of I-Ching Systems, I’m told, plain and simple, that we too, are like computer systems comprised of electrical energetic circuitry. When circuitry has been damaged or blocked, the computer, or human, will act out of natural balance. Natural balance is when we live a naturally destined life that uses the least amount of resources for the highest level of vitality.

How awesome it would be if our health, work and relationships were in synch with a natural energetic flow that felt easy and inspiring, versus arduous and draining. The Western diet alone prevents ‘natural flow’ as people have learned from a young age to eat food that causes the opposite of vitality, such as obesity, disease and lethargy.

Imagine how much additional strain we place on ourselves when we add the personal stress we’ve mis-learned from a young age. It is sad to see how many of us have fallen victim to an un-natural life, through little fault of our own. And if you’re like me, now we spend a lifetime studying a variety of repair modalities.

I have spent years studying a multitude of self-help and spiritual approaches. Learning of a detailed energetic circuitry within us sheds new light to our imbalanced coping mechanisms. We can’t see our energetic mathematical circuitry in the mirror and nobody talks about it. So we are left to trial and error, spending money and time trying to fix a problem that at its core might be best served with a mechanical switch.

Similar to that of a car, when a car breaks down, the owner does not talk about its problem. A mechanic reviews the cars’ wiring and finds the wire that is improperly connected, or formed, and fixes it. I’m left to wonder if many of our personal issues could benefit from this same technique.

We lost our natural perfect balance in a childhood where we learned to cope and survive, rather than flourish naturally. Depending on the individual, many of us learned unhealthy coping skills for a variety of emotional or physical circumstances. These coping skills grew to become our personal circuitry that perpetuates a repetitive cycle when faced with similar stress. Imagine a circle of this accumulated mis-learned electricity running around inside us without true significant energetic escape.

And in the process of relationship, this factors in strongly because wounded circuitry becomes much louder in forces of attraction because the energetic particles are compressed working even stronger to attract other like particles. Thus, we see a lot of wounded repetition.

Acupuncture helps by inserting needles in to meridians that open blocked energy that has been built up behind a closed internal energy gate versus an open gate. The same solution can apply to our relationship patterns where energetic build up behind a closed gate has been taking place repetitively for a lifetime.

Miller, who created the I-Ching Systems based on Eastern medicine and the I-Ching Chinese Book of Changes has been researching and developing these healing instruments that utilize a technology of magnets, minerals and cell salts to help release accumulated energy that surfaced under stress so that a new pattern of coping with stress can find its way in.

For me, I visualize a magnet literally drawing to it this negative energy field and finally releasing it from within. Aagh…what relief! Finally, unhealthy energy physically getting out of me leading to ultimate change in how to react to stress and who to attract to prevent stress with. Wow!

Let’s get technical to further illustrate this. The premise behind I-Ching says that balance depends on all electrical force in the body moving through in a balanced way through electrical systems made up of a hexagram of binary math codes of 64 lines of 1’s and 0’s. This healing technology serves to find the lines that are out of balance. Our DNA is also comprised of binary codes. And computers are also made of 64 bits. So in addressing our system from this mathematical field of reference can help take us beyond our emotional and conceptual capabilities.

I’ve never been connected to anything mathematical. I am pure emotion, concept and creativity walking through earth. Even writing about technical subjects is challenging for me. However I see the sense in this formula. I can visualize an energetic circuitry inside of myself that keeps spinning around in circles. Here I am thinking about growth and change in my head and heart but my electrical wires remain the same.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to know exactly which force plays the strongest role in controlling our emotional lives and challenges. I’ve studied, written about, and worked on personal growth for years. And I too find myself facing repetitive challenges no matter what modality I’ve conquered. Who is controlling this? Is it me, the universe, or now I’m left to believe it may be in the math?

Ellen white

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