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The Journey of Life is a Vision Quest, Are You Actively on Yours?

A Vision Quest, known to many Native American Tribes, is a turning point or right of passage for one to find themselves, their spiritual direction and path in life.

Has your life been a Vision Quest of self discovery lately? I know mine has been…

Though I am not Native American, nor do I pretend to know everything about their traditions, rituals, and ancient wisdom, I do know that for the last six years my life has been a non-stop, action packed, Vision Quest adventure. I have been on a conquest to face my fears, know myself and give of my ultimate gifts.

Through walking my path clumsily in the darkness of the unknown, I have slipped, fell, smashed my face and gotten up again, and again. I have fallen to my knees in tears, praying for an answer, asking to be shown the truth and begging for guidance so many times. I have gotten angry at life when times got tougher than I thought I could handle, and I have laughed until I cried all those times that the answers just poof—magically appeared.

This entire process has been a journey of remembering. Remembering that my greatest gift to humanity is not in what I do, but in who I am and how I show up in each moment. Who I am now has nothing to do with who I have been, and who I will become has everything to do with who I am being right in this very moment and in all moments.

Life is a labyrinth of distractions, temptations and possibilities. In truth, there are no wrong choices. There are only choices that will make us happy and choices that will make us unhappy. The trickiest part of this maze that goes round and round is that everyone wants to give us directions, tell us where to go and what to do. Unfortunately no body in the universe knows you, your heart, your purpose and your calling like you do.

 It is up to you to meditate and pray everyday. It is up to you to ask the questions that will open your mind to the answers. It is up to you to laugh, cry, forgive and do the work. Nobody else can do it but you. That’s why this is your Vision Quest.

The time is now for each of us to ground ourselves in a daily practice that opens us up to who we are inside. Meditation, prayer and making offerings to the earth is what I do. It works for me and it’s been my saving grace since 2006.

Treating everyday like a gift to be celebrated has helped me to stay positive, optimistic and hopeful during times of challenge. Life can be confusing and deceiving, and by learning to be with yourself, know yourself, do things to love yourself and listen to your intuitive self you are able to navigate your way with more peace and clarity.

It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s not when we do the things we know we need to in order to be our happiest, healthiest, high-vibing selves. I’m guessing partying all night, watching hours of YouTube and gossiping about the world’s problems on Facebook are not on that high-vibing check list of yours, right?

The world needs you my friend. It needs more conscious, awakened leaders who have the brilliance, grounded perspective, intuition and heart that you, I, and so many others like us have on this planet. Your challenges have all served a purpose up to this point and without them you wouldn’t be who you are and what you’re here to give.

Just like every cell plays a crucial role in our body’s wholeness, every one of us plays a role in restoring balance, harmony and love with the earth and within the human spirit.

I honor your Vision Quest and if you are feeling in need of some guidance or support, I invite you to join me for a 40 Day breakthrough experience that will open you up to your purpose and gifts. It will ground you into the daily practice of listening to your inner guidance, moving you beyond the fears that stop you from shining and sharing, and it will help you find your place during this great and beautiful shift on planet earth. We are one tribe and together we are so much stronger …



World adventurer, social entrepreneur, meditation teacher and lover of Life. Brad Morris is the founder of Cowabunga Life and creator of ‘The 40 Day Vision Quest Program’. Brad lives & breathes his bucket list and supports others to live their dreams too. His day job at Cowabunga Life includes leading people on epic Spiritual adventures around the world to places like Peru, Hawaii, Mexico & more … In his spare time he has taught thousands of people to create a meditation practice they love through workshops, speaking and online programs. The Dude has a global following for his popular articles & videos published weekly on Cowabunga Life, Yoganonymous, FinerMinds & other renowned personal growth websites. More on BradiDude at

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