The Mighty Full Moon in Sidereal Scorpio (Vedic Astrology)

This Saturday, the full moon in sidereal Scorpio brings the power to explode, or to transform. The moon in Scorpio compels us to strengthen our emotions and embrace transformation, rather than clinging to material stability. Things could be extra volatile with Mars and Saturn joining this full moon, which peaks at 2:15 p.m. PDT on Saturday, May 21, 2016 (the brightest full waxing moon will be Friday night).

This lunar cycle began with the sun in sidereal Aries, and we were feeling empowered and sure of ourselves, ready to birth our visions into the world. Since then, the sun has transited into Taurus, a sign where we seek our strength by getting grounded and relying on stable material structures around us. But the full moon is opposite Taurus in the most emotionally vulnerable sign, Scorpio. Contrasting our quest for stability, this reminds us of our vulnerability and the fact that material structures are actually impermanent, and ultimately unstable. We are challenged to embrace change and to allow ourselves to transform (knowing that the world around us always does, anyway).

This full moon will feel especially intense in the emotional body because the moon is also joining retrograde Mars (very closely), and retrograde Saturn. The conjunction of Mars with the moon creates a potentially explosive situation for our hearts and minds. The fire of Mars on the moon brings up our anger, passion, jealousy, and our courageous warrior-like nature.

This could result in intense feelings of passion or rage, maybe some emotional outbursts, but the Martian fire is also the element that aids in digestion and transformation. Instead of exploding outwardly, we have the opportunity to harness this fire and use it to process and digest the changes that have been taking place in our lives. Consider where you have felt the most emotionally challenged by change, and use this full moon to call in the strength to help you to grow and adapt.

With retrograde Saturn also in Scorpio, we are in the middle of a 2.5-yearlong process of transformation, where the pressure is on to re-evaluate our long-term goals, especially around our spiritual growth and material attachments. Wherever sidereal Scorpio lies in your chart, this is the area of life where you have been facing the most change through this time frame. This full moon highlights the change you have been working on implementing and accepting, as you begin to follow a new long-term direction in a certain area of your life. Saturn’s presence here will force us to face some fears, while Mars offers us the strength to withstand and digest them.

The full moon falls in the Vedic nakshatra called Anuradha, at the beginning of Scorpio. This is a sign of friendship and success, whose deity is Mitra, meaning “friend.” Its symbol is a lotus flower, or a staff (as its three stars resemble in the sky). Both of these symbols signify overcoming a challenge and rising despite opposition. The lotus reminds us that even amidst the muck of emotional disturbance, we still have the potential to access our most pure and sattvic nature, and rise towards our most enlightened. This will be important to remember as the moon is sandwiched in between Mars and Saturn from Saturday to Sunday afternoon (Americas).

Some good news: After the full moon, Mercury will be going direct again and out of retrograde, phew! Making plans and having clear communications should get a little easier.

With Jupiter and Rahu still close in sidereal Leo, zealous fervor continues at large, and radical beliefs are on the forefront for many. Once Jupiter moves on to Virgo in early August, philosophical beliefs and debates will aim to be more practical, while right now they are really fueling the quest for personal power. Of course, the pursuit of personal power and its balance with universal service will continue as long as Rahu transits Leo, through next summer.

We also may be feeling a little self-centered in our power on this full moon, because Venus is now very close to the sun and “combust” over the next several weeks. The self-empowerment of the sun can burn up the ability to compromise offered by Venus, so relationships may be at odds. On the other hand, the purification and illumination offered by the sun could help us to elevate our petty desires into higher ones that allow us to connect with universal spirit.

Doing your spiritual practice and meditation is always the key in helping you to achieve the best that the planets have to offer! Take the opportunity for massive transformation and emotional digestion being offered by this full moon, and unleash your spiritual warrior to help you ride the waves of change.

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