The Purpose-Driven Passionista: Rock Your Life in 4 Simple Steps

Do you crave more purpose and passion in your life?

Purpose-driven people seem to effortlessly glide through life. They have a natural glow and seem to take everything in gentle stride. They are balanced and seem to be perma-vacationers. 

But here’s a little secret: No matter how stressed out you are, you can make balance a priority. 

Finding balance is easier when you are living a life you love, but getting to the life you love is a process. You don’t have to wait until you are in your dream job, perfect relationship, or ideal situation to find balance. In doing research for my next book, Adventures for Your Soul, I discovered that taking small steps is the best way to achieve more joy. Make passion a priority as it will help you feel more connected to your purpose and the present moment. 

Here are four simple things purpose-driven people do daily. Rock your life with these easy steps.

1. Speak Kindly to Yourself 

People who are happy speak kind words to themselves. Instead of criticizing themselves for mistakes gone wrong, they look at all setbacks as growth. They wake up in the morning and say nice things to themselves and celebrate how far they have come. If you feel overworked and stressed out, start to pay attention to the internal dialog and look at silencing the inner critic by replacing it with kind thoughts of love. 

2. Listen to Your Instincts 

How often have you felt like you ignored your gut feeling only to realize it was right later on? When we ignore our internal nudges we always regret it later. We say things like, “I should have listened to my gut.” Listening to your instincts will help you feel more balanced. When you avoid your inner guide and hearts calling you will feel more stressed out. To combat this, simply trust yourself more and listen to your instincts.  

3. Express Yourself

Many life-coaching clients of mine first come to me expressing their need for more balance. They say they are stressed out and feel stuck in life. I encourage them to express their authentic self more, and as they do this their stress levels go away. When they say what they want to say and do what they want to do, they feel more empowered. 

4. Move Your Body and Exercise Daily 

Moving your body will help you distress daily. Find an activity you love, because when you add more movement in your life you create a self-love expression, you are saying I value myself, and I am worth it. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins and your body will feel more balanced. 

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