The Slice on Purple Carrot - The Vegan Blue Apron

It's all happening - vegans can now receive meals delivered directly to their door in the same easy packaging as Plated or Blue Apron.

In mid-September, Mark Bittman announced in his New York Times opinion column that he was leaving the Times to join a startup, writing:

"I’m leaving to take a central role in a year-old food company, to do what I’ve been writing about these many years: to make it easier for people to eat more plants. ('Oh,' say my friends, 'you move to California and join a start-up.' Yup. Corny as can be.) I see it as putting philosophy into action and will talk about details soon."

Now we know all the details. Bittman joined Purple Carrot, which is again is similar to other food delivery services. Subscribers get the recipes and all the ingredients for two or three meals a week. While it is currently based in the East Coast, it'll be moving west soon.

Bittman spoke to Grist telling them that "the mission is not to convert everyone to veganism, but to expose people to plant-based foods and allow people to eat plant-based foods more easily."

He also explained that many people want to eat more vegetables, but do not know how. 

Would you try Purple Carrot? 

Photo: mamichan