The World's Most Beautiful Yoga Mats

Not sure if you've heard any of the buzz surrounding Yoga Design Lab's uber beautiful yoga mats but I finally got to test one of their colorful Combo Mats last week. Seriously impressed. 

The company was founded in Bali by a Canadian surfer/yogi named Chad Turner, who sold all his stuff on a whim and moved there. These eco-friendly mats blend stunning prints with some pretty cool functionality. My heart actually fluttered a little as I rolled out my mat - first time a yoga mat ever mat it do that. These uniquely designed mats combine both mat and towel into one product, so you no longer need to bring a mat AND towel to class. I loved the luxurious feeling top layer that gripped the more I sweated and the tree rubber bottom held it in place the entire time. Plus, it's machine washable, which is pretty much the best ever, right? Finally, a company thinking past the studio. 

Yoga Design lab's latest collection just launched, which includes geometric prints, abstracts, and some super serene sunsets. Something kinda cool about sinking deep in savasana atop your own private slice of Bali. Maybe it's time to plan a trip and meet this Chad...


About the Author:

Michelle Hurley: Michelle Hurley is a world wanderer using yoga to keep herself grounded and present. As a 200 hour RYT and epitome of the pitta dosha, she shares her transformational energy by guiding students through mindful vinyasa flow with bursts of fiery movements. Currently living and teaching on the coast of Ecuador much inspiration draws from her love of the ocean, sunshine, and of course Montanita surfing. 

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