The Yogi's Guide to Vicente López, Argentina

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Vicente López is a vibrant and sensual city that appeals to a wide variety of travelers.

Located in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina, Vicente López has a similar to vibe to European cities, but with a saucy taste of Latin America. The environment and locals both throb with energy, making this South American city an ideal spot for a Wanderlust 108

Whether you’re traveling to Vicente López for the first time or you’ve lived there for years, let the list below serve as your guide for a memorable weekend or a longer adventure. Check out the local flavor and score some empanadas, support artisans in the community by stopping at an outdoor market like Sabe la Tierra, or enjoy a spur-of-the-moment yoga session in Paseo de la Costa. There’s no such thing as boredom when you’re in Vicente López. 

Where to Eat

Be Juice
Barrientos 1586, 54 11 4806-7712
If you thought the juices in America were good, just wait until you get to Argentina. In addition to a collection of tropical-flavored juices and smoothies that span every color of the rainbow, Be Juice offers salads, muffins, sandwiches, yogurt, and coffee. For a real treat, be sure to snag a piece of the chai cake.

Perón Perón RestoBar
Ángel Justiniano Carranza 2225, 54 11 4777-6194
For those up for eating anything (such as meat and local favorites), be sure to hit up Perón Perón. It’s a local and visitor favorite with rave reviews for empanadas, polenta, and cocktails. The alluring environment combines elements like candlelight and a bustling energy to create a bona fide Argentinian dining experience. 

Where to Sweat 

Costa Rica 4562, 54 11 4833-6724
In need of a break? Stop by Valletierra, one of Vicente López’s top yoga studios. Not only does the venue provide an assortment of classes with everything from Iyengar, to Hatha, to Ashtanga yoga, various styles of massage are also available, allowing you to enjoy an afternoon entirely dedicated to relaxation. 

Escuela Yoga para Occidente 
Manuel Ugarte 2625, 54 11 4788-9344
This studio and training center is big on the traditional philosophies of yoga, and uses various meditation techniques to help yogis find deeper concentration within their practices. The environment is warm and inviting, creating a yoga studio focused on connecting your calmest mind and truest self.

Rock Cycle
Humboldt 1656, 54 11 4774 4904
If you’re looking for an exciting place to expel some energy, look no further than Rock Cycle. This youthful and funky studio offers spin classes set to Latin-American tunes and is a must-see for any bike enthusiast. 

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Where to Shop

Costa Rica 4522, +54 11 4833-0365
Ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and other mindful, healthy eaters, Vita mixes Argentinian flavor with sustainable and organic ingredients to create a plethora of breakfast options, desserts, raw products, salads, and sandwiches. Bonus points: They have a small market with snacks and food items so you can stock up before heading out to the Wanderlust 108

Epic Way to Spend a Saturday

Sabe la Tierra 
San Martín 2400 
The clear winner for this category is Vicente López’s extensive outdoor market, open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The market features products from all sorts of vendors, selling goods such as kefir, chocolates, homemade soaps and candles, and fresh pastries. Sabe la Tierra's mission is to create a sustainable culture and provide the local environment with trustworthy products.

Favorite Outdoor Hang

Paseo de la Costa
For those looking soak up the Argentinian sun, Paseo de la Costa is a crowd favorite. The park sits right on the water and offers hundreds of picture-perfect spots to relax, read, or start a spur-of-the-moment yoga session. Pedal down the coast with one of the nearby bike rentals or pack a beverage and some snacks for a picnic in the grass. As an added bonus, Paseo de la Costa is the host of Argentina's Wanderlust 108. 

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This guide was curated by Amanda Kohr.