The Yogi's Guide to Melbourne, Australia

Check out our community-curated collection of places to practice, consume, be outdoors, and more, YOGANONYMOUS-style. We asked, you answered. Take in the Melbourne picks below and see more of our yogi city guides here.

With shimmering blue water and a sparkling skyline, Melbourne seems almost too picturesque to be real.

This stylish city prides itself on an abundance of culture, with over 100 art galleries and a collection of diverse neighborhoods

In one word, Melbourne is cool. If you aren't inspired by the aerial yoga classes or music festivals, then perhaps you'll benefit from a stroll in one of the city's breathtaking gardens. Each neighborhood emits a different vibe, so you're guaranteed a visit that's bursting with flavor, diversity, and fun. 

Where to Eat

Raw Trader
10 Sutherland St., 61 478 692 008
If you’re on a mission for vegan, sugar-free, paleo, or gluten-free fare, check out Raw Trader, where you can get “decadence without the guilt.” The menu includes a variety of juices, kombucha, and sweet treats, making it a perfect stop for breakfast or a quick snack. They also make their own almond milk and mix it up into the crowd-pleasing hot chocolate. Regulars also love slices of cherry and caramel desserts, as well as the raspberry cheesecake—but with so many tantalizing raw desserts, it’s hard to go wrong. 

Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Lane, 61 3 9650 1445
This Melbourne favorite offers up modern Australian cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The culinary team believes in quality and transparency, using an open air kitchen so that guests are able to witness the chefs freshly preparing their meals. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the spatchcock or tuna tartare, or opt vegetarian and enjoy the butter beans with salted ricotta. There’s also a hefty brunch menu including house-made crumpets, hibiscus-poached pears, and a traditional English breakfast.  

Where to Sweat

Body Flow Yoga
1/5 Eastbourne St., 61 3 9016 9061
This light-filled studio will challenge your body and free your mind. Classes include flow, aerial, and restorative yoga, all of which are led by knowledgable and caring instructors. Body Flow believes in approaching yoga with a playful mindset and encourages practitioners to have fun and try new things. Post-class, be sure to grab a healthy refreshment and share the findings of your personal yoga journey. 

Yoga Flame
7 Moore St., 03 9370 7979
Ignite your spirit at Yoga Flame, a thriving yoga studio dedicated to building a strong, local community of yoga and providing practitioners with an invigorating practice. With around 40 classes every week, there’s always something going on at Yoga Flame. The large studio provides plenty of room for you to dive peacefully into your own practice, and top-notch instructors are there to help provide welcoming expertise. Be sure to say hi to your neighbor; Yoga Flame prides itself on creating a vibrant community. 

Hot Yoga Hut
76 Arthurs Seat Rd., 61 3 5989 2471
Welcome to Hot Yoga Hut, where the hardest part is leaving. This studio believes in creating a sacred space, using essential oils and large windows to enhance the environment of visiting yogis. The high-tech duct system keeps the heat circulating, creating a more comfortable hot yoga experience. And the free-floating cork that underlays the floor is gentle on your back and joints. There are even classes for kids, so if you’re traveling with children feel free to enjoy some family fitness. 

Barre Body
175 Flinders Lane, 61 3 9015 4120
Unleash your inner ballerina as you bend, stretch, and leap across the room in the invigorating classes at Barre Body. Classes include barre moves, which focuses more on dance, as well as body, toning, and cardio classes. The studio is simple and soothing, but the classes are said to leave your core shaking (Which, apparently, is a good thing.).

Check out the YOGANONYMOUS studio directory to find more great places to practice.

Where to Shop

Degraves Street
An iconic street in Melbourne, Degraves Street consists of a short, narrow north-running laneway from Flinders Street to Flinders Lane. There you'll find buzzing cafés, restaurants, shops, and bars, all packed with foods and items local to Melbourne. Grab a butterscotch milkshake and wander into one of the cute bookstores, or simply sit outside and enjoy a session of people-watching. The hive of activity and unique energy make this street a Melbourne must. 

422 Brunswick St., 03 9486 9757
Imajine is more than just a store; it’s a vision to give back and “use business to make a positive change in the world.” With brands including TOMS, Sister Works, I Make A Difference, One Night Stand, Damselfly, and more, imajine has created a shopping experience the gives back. Find culturally-inspired shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories and spur change that will impact more than just your closet.

Queen Victoria Market
155 Victoria St., 61 3 9320 5822
This iconic market is more than just a place to pick up some organic groceries; it’s a historical landmark. There are dozens of hip foods from a variety of cultures, giving shoppers a huge selection of good smells and taste treats. Musicians play tunes as you wander down the aisles, sampling hot jam donuts, fresh fruit, and coffee. You can also snag clothing and toys, so don’t worry about finding time to search for that perfect souvenir. If you want to sample Melbourne life, Queen Victoria’s is the place to do it. 

Epic Ways to Spend a Saturday

Kayak Melbourne
912 Collins St., Docklands, 61 418 106 427
Explore Melbourne by water as you cruise down the Yarra River. Kayak Melbourne is dedicated to providing travelers with fun and interesting ways to see the city, all while staying active on memorable adventures. The tours are divided up into categories, allowing you to pick the one that caters to your particular desires. Some options include the moonlight tour, the river to sky tour, and the city to sights tour. Our favorite is obviously the yoga sunrise tour.

Catani Gardens
St. Kilda West, 03 9209 6777
The location of the Melbourne Wanderlust 108, Catania Gardens is a spacious and airy park nestled in between Port Melbourne and St. Kilda Pier. Iconic palm trees line the grass, their fronds waving in the blue, Australian sky. This park is the epitome of tranquility, and the ideal spot for a casual stroll, picnic, or bike ride.

Night Out on the Town

Lui Bar
525 Collins St., 61 3 9691 3888 
For epic views of the skyline alongside some of the city’s best craft cocktails, visit Lui Bar. Combining creativity and skill, the good folks at Lui Bar draw on a myriad of fresh ingredients inspired by the melting pot of Melbourne to create their drinks. It's a great way to feel fancy without forking over your entire wallet. For an added treat, stop by around sunset and watch the Australian sky melt into night. 

Community Picks + Teacher Shout-Outs

We reached out to our social media tribe to uncover the best local not-to-miss happenings and hot spots from the folks who know best. Here's what our yogi-fam has to say about Melbourne. 

“The absolutely amazing teachers at Dance of Life Centre of Yoga and Healing in Fitzroy. My experience there has been transformational.” – Nicole

Power House Yoga in Berwick. As a student since its opening 12 months ago I have experienced and been a witness to others' absolute transformation under the guidance and passion of Dee Taueki-Robbins who has cultivated a beautiful and welcoming space.” – Melanie

Mudita Yoga in Cheltenham. It's a beautifully-lit studio with a great energy, great students, and great teachers.” – Marian

Moksha Yoga in Bentleigh. Can't get anymore authentic!” – Dominique 

“You must try The Moving Room in Brunswick. Trudy is an amazing teacher. She keeps her classes small so the feeling is similar to a private class.” – Marie

Silver Leaf Yoga School on the Mornington Peninsula. Aerial yoga, restorative, gentle/functional yoga, and Iyengar.” – Deb

Williamstown Yoga. Fiona has created a warm and loving space, drawing together an eclectic group of teachers with amazing energy.” – Melton 

“Representing the west is YUM YOGA: a studio supporting the needs of those beginners starting out on their yoga journey.” – Tania

Live Life Well Studio ran by the amazing Cara Louise Gillespie with fantastic teachers and gorgeous studio vibes.” – Chelsea

Thanks to our community for providing these awesome suggestions. Have more? Share in the comments below or email us at

This guide was curated by Amanda Kohr. Special thanks to Jacque Halstead for providing suggestions.