There's an App to Find the Best Crystal For You

I’ve always been a big fan of crystals.

I’m often in and out of metaphysical shops, perusing stones and crystals and looking to add new ones to my collection. I have a rose quartz necklace, which I touch every time I need to center myself in feelings of compassion and peace (I also have a beautiful large chunk of rose quartz given to me by my Reiki teacher that I keep next to my bed). Some of my favorites are my Red Jasper (for courage and independence), Tiger’s Eye (focus and determination), and black agate (inner strength). I have a shelf in my bedroom where I keep my crystals, and, depending on which ones I feel I need close by, I pick and choose which I keep with me, in my pockets or purse, depending on how close they need to be.

It can be difficult, though, to know which crystals and stones represent and help with what. Many shops have little placards that describe the meanings, but what about after you’re home, or if they don’t? You can’t always be lugging around a big crystal dictionary.

I recently tried out a new app called Stone. It’s a crystal app designed specifically so that you don’t need to lug that book around wherever you go—and a good crystal could be anywhere. Why miss out on the opportunity?

Stone is very minimalist in its presentation and super easy to navigate. It gives a 3D presentation of the stones as well as their properties and how they can best be used (because sometimes stones can have several meanings, some are not as strong as others).

I started using the app during a full moon phase. I set out to my local metaphysical shop with Stone downloaded, ready to discover something new. It’s been a personally stressful few months for me, so I wanted a stone that would bring me calm, peace, and maybe even a good night’s sleep. After browsing Stone, I came up with two possibilities: Azurite, for balance and peace, and Amethyst, for a calm night’s sleep.

I couldn’t choose between the two—both seemed necessary. So I walked out with both. I cleansed them when I got home, placed them on my bedside table, and went to bed.

And I slept great. 

What are some of your favorite crystals? Share in the comments below.


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