There's a Crystal for That: Overcoming Fear

I recently learned what parts of the brain control different functions of the body, process emotion, and how these messages are sent to and from the brain.

I was intrigued when I discovered that the emotion that has an effect on the ENTIRE brain is not love, but fear. It controls our thoughts and actions and ultimately pushes us away from our true purpose and potential. Fear is a buzz kill. It's debilitating and destructive. It is only when we rise above fear that we are truly free to be the most authentic versions of ourselves.  

The good news is that there's a crystal for that. Fear can be felt as anxiety, despair, or doubt. All of these ailments can be tamed and conquered. We can teach ourselves to live free of fear and doubt and step into our own magic and light. Believe in yourself and the infinite power you posses within. Use the stones below to guide you to a life of love and the freedom to abandon your deepest fears. 

Obsidian :: The Truth Stone

What It's Used For: Known as "the truth stone" because of its ability to ground, protect, and bring honesty into our lives. Obsidian is used to defeat negative energy and thoughts, a key component when eliminating fear. Obsidian reminds one to find the truth in every moment and every matter. And I'll give you a hint: The truth is that you are complete and whole in this moment and everyone that will follow. The truth is that you posses the power and stamina to overcome ALL your fears. Use this stone to remove negative blockages and move into the light of truth. 

How to Use It: Obsidian is easily found in stone form or jewelry. Use Obsidian to connect with Mother Earth energy during meditation. Develop strong foundational energy to source the power to open, release, and heal from negative energy, stories, or old trauma. 

When calling upon ancestors or working with past life healing, this stone can be held or placed on an altar during meditation. Practice asking questions out loud and listening for answers previously unknown. Obsidian encourages us to make big changes quickly, so expect to feel a push or shift of energy when working with Obsidian.  

Color: Variety of colors, commonly black
Energy: Grounding, Repels Negativity, and Exposure of Truth 
Chakras: Root + Third Eye
Planets: Saturn + Uranus 
Zodiac: Sagittarius + Scorpio 
Element: Earth 

Red Garnet :: The Stone of Commitment

What It’s Used For: Garnet has an abundance of positive properties, many of which make it a great ally when working through fears. It's a balancer stone and awakens our emotional self. Use this stone to discover creative ways to delve deep into your true feelings. Many times to overcome fear, we must release our emotional and mental holds on the past. Like Obsidian, it helps to eliminate negative energy. Known by many as the "stone of commitment," it will serve as a reminder to stay on the path of courage. 

How to Use It: Wear a piece of Garnet as a reminder of the exuberant energy that lies within. If you find yourself having nightmares or negative thoughts before bed, place a small stone under your pillow. Use this powerful stone to balance difficult situations. Garnet has been said to shift a negative or difficult situation into a manageable challenge. Start your meditation practice by holding your favorite Garnet over each chakra and saying a positive affirmation out loud. This will balance the chakra system and bring peace of mind before your meditation. 

Color: Variety of Colors
Energy: Inner Strength, Balance, and Emotional Release
Chakras: Root + Crown 
Planet: Mars 
Meaning: From Latin word "granate," meaning "seed"
Zodiac: Capricorn 
Element: Fire

Moonstone :: The Mystery Stone

What It’s Used For: Moonstone is a magical and mysterious stone that uncovers deep-seated hidden truths, bringing them to light. Approach the divine power of Moonstone with an open heart to invoke the power of Mother Moon and her illuminating, uplifting energy. Moonstone asks us to find inner strength and growth while setting aside our deepest despair. It's associated with the feminine energy, thus working within the emotional body. Fears nestle deep in our emotional body and the magic and love of Moonstone can awaken these doubts or phobias, so we can acknowledge, surrender, and release.  

How to Use It: Moonstone can be used during meditation to better understand one's thoughts and emotions. Try placing it at the top of your yoga mat when practicing or wearing Moonstone jewelry. Moonstone is most powerful during the full moon phase and should be placed in the moonlight (with all your stones) to re-energize. With much practice and patience, Moonstone can be used to tap into psychic abilities and further connect with the Divine Source. It is with this connection to a higher power that we invite all the powers below, above, and within to aid us in relinquishing fears and moving into a world of contentment. 

Color: Pearl, Dreamy White, Silver, and Shimmers of Blue
Energy: Femininity, Inner Strength
Chakras: Third Eye + Sacral 
Planet: Moon 
Zodiac: Pisces + Cancer 
Element: Wind + Water 

Broken heart? There's a crystal for that. Need something from the universe? There's a crystal for that

Images by HIYO Design