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Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Better Understanding.

“The system might feel broken, and we might feel like our vote doesn’t count, but we still need to participate in it.” —Kerri Kelly

Where Is My Guru is so proud to be an Ambassador for Yoga Votes.

You may think that there is no connection between yoga and voting, but the connection is deep for sure. Voting is really an extension of our practice because our practice is about full participation in all aspects of our lives.

So how do you decide to vote, or who to vote for if you think your vote doesn’t count, if you don’t like the candidates? Well, just as in our practice, when we are approaching a difficult pose or straining to get through our time on the mat, we persevere—we push through it.

The same goes for voting. How can we hold our politicians accountable for the things we don’t agree with or like if we aren’t voting, if we turn away? We need to educate ourselves, speak our truth and join with community, just like we do on a daily basis with so many other things.

Sitting down to speak with Kerri Kelly at Wanderlust Festival Vermont this year we talked about Yoga Votes. She had a ton of insight into these issues, because if you feel like your vote doesn’t count, or why bother, you aren’t alone. Here are five questions the Yoga Votes curriculum will walk people through an embodied practice of:

1. What do I believe in?
2. What do I stand for?
3. What are the issues that are important to me and where do I stand on those issues?
4. Where do the candidates stand on those issues that are important to me?
5. How can I use my voice and my vote to inspire those candidates to stand fiercely on behalf of those issues?

Check out the interview for a deeper explanation of these questions, to find out just exactly what Yoga Votes is doing, hear about their coming together with League of Women Voters and so much more.



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Bonus: Seane Corn LIVE from the Yoga Votes rally at Wanderlust Vermont!

Get involved!


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