TOMgirl: The Anti Uni-Boob Yoga Bra

A hybrid of a push-up bra, sports bra, and wireless bra, TOMgirl redesigned a yoga bra keeping the good parts and throwing out the bad.  

No wires, no uni-boob, no itchy fabrics.  Only lift, shape, comfort, and support.  You will actually forget you are wearing this bra.

“My boobs cried from happiness when I put this on!”

Combining comfort with lift and shape, TOMgirl Apparel created a yoga bra unlike any other.  The wide elastic band and with adjustable VELCRO ® Brand closure give you the support needed while remaining comfortable.  This bra adapts to weight changes and fits hard to find sizes.  So versatile, this bra can be worn beyond the mat.

“TOMgirl freed my boobs from boob jail!”

Using only super silky and ultra soft materials, the TOMgirl Wireless Yoga Bra solves all your bra problems.  Most importantly, it is comfortable.  And because we need it, it is supportive.  As a bonus, it is flattering, eliminating the familiar uni-boob effect of traditional yoga bras.  It has always been difficult to find a bra that gives us all of these things, but TOMgirl gives us an alternative so we don’t have to sacrifice.

“Amazingly comfortable bra! I have been having problems trying to find a bra that fits and looks good with my ever changing body. This has been a total heaven send! I would recommend it to every one.”

Developed out of a need for a bra with something different, TOMgirl designers questioned all aspects of traditional bras and reconstructed the parts that women hate.  They kept the good stuff, and reinvented the bad.  Seamless, molded cups that are lightly lined for shape were kept.  The traditional three hook back closure and flimsy band were dropped.  Instead, they use a super soft wide elastic band with a VELCRO ® closure that can be adjusted far beyond a traditional bra, absolutely revolutionary for women with hard to find sizes.

“...not only is this bra super comfortable (I can wear it all day), it also makes my boobs LOOK GOOD!! Everything about it rocks...I'm telling all my friends!”

TOMgirl Apparel is owned and operated out of California, USA.  Bras are hand dyed and hand made daily offering quick shipping and attention to detail.  

Shop for the TOMgirl Wireless Yoga Bra in white, nude, black, and purple!

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