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Top Ten Things Heard at Bhakti Fest Midwest Day Two

Bhakti Fest has taken over America’s Dairyland.

The grounds are situated around the Alliant Energy Center’s Willow Island, on Madison’s isthmus. Lake, city, lake is the unique geographical layout of this liberal utopia nestled in America’s heartland. On our way over Saturday morning, we heard the sounds of kirtan drifting across the waves of Lake Monona. What a way to start out this vibrant day of music, yoga, and friendship.

We popped, locked, and dropped in Daren Friesen’s excellent Mudras & Bandhas class. Saul David Raye’s Atma Yoga session was 200 yogis deep and transformed a conference room into a sacred thriving space. Saturday ended with a boom, as fireworks lit up the night sky over Krishna Das on the mainstage. There is nothing like lying on a blanket, looking up at the stars with that voice pulling you to dance, raising your hands up, lulling you to peace.

In the kirtan crowd, on the mat and off the mat, here are some sound bites we picked up from y’all on day two.

1.  Oh girl, you have a yoga hangover. Have a coconut water. It’s got, like, electrolytes. 

2.  All the samosas and ghee are performing a kriya on my colon.

3. Can I get a handout with directions and pictures for these mudras? I have sausage fingers.

mu-dra, n: 1. A symbolic hand gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies and statuary, and in Indian dance. 2. A movement or pose in yoga.

4. I can’t find my glow in the dark hula hoop. Have you seen it? OMG help me find my glow in the dark hula hoop! She found it at sundown.



5. People say Saul David Raye is dreamy. He gives really great assists. Well, he gives them to me. (Thanks, Deborah Williamson.) It’s true, he is one smooth operator.

6. Let’s meet at KD later dude. I’m so stoked to see KD play! KD is in the Bhav, bitches! Such exclamations are sometimes followed by, “k.d. Lang is here?” No. I believe she lives in Canadia. We are talking about Krishna Das. But a KD to k.d. collabo would be boss.

7. Where is the beer tent? There’s no beer here? How about bratwurst? What the f&*k is a walnut burger?

8. What cheese pairs best with green juice? 

9. The henna is melting off my face. It burns!

10. Hey girl, would you like to practice Acro Yoga with me?

Don’t worry Bhakti Fest lovers, your secrets are safe with YOGANONYMOUS.



Hally Marlino is a blue collar yoga teacher and writer from Madison, WI. She's a spirituality skeptic with a BA in Theatre Performance from UW-La Crosse. Years ago, she held a low rank in the U.S. Army. When she’s not teaching freestyle vinyasa around the isthmus, you’ll find her bike-riding and beer-appreciating with her family. Hally is exactly half ballerina, half professional wrestler. Connect with her on Facebook at YogaBeast or Tigress Press.

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