Vata Playlist | Twelve Tunes to Calm and Ground

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the elements of air (Vayu) and ether (Akash) are responsible for the shift of energy within our physical bodies and the world at large.

The arrival of Vata is a harbinger of change. During these autumn months, the wind kicks up leaving the air with a very dry and crispy sensation. The temperature drops emphasizing cold, rough, and unstable elements. The body and mind can go haywire during this time resulting in colds, headaches, anxiety and mental restlessness. Warmth, a sense of grounding stillness and gently fluidity of movement are important qualities to nurture during this time.

Music can be a tool to tap into a state of balance. Songs that incorporate earthy sounds such as slow drum beats or steady soft bass will help calm the hyperactivity of body and mind. Easy tempo tunes with sultry vocals or deep wood instruments such as cello or acoustic guitar provide a soothing influence.

Here is a playlist to help calm the frazzled yoga student, the anxious commuter or the stuffed-up and stiff jointed among us. Ease those headphones on and find a soft and warm seat to sink into allowing the music to be your aural medicine.

Vata Season Tracklist

Great Release | LCD Soundsystem

Human Being | Cat Power

Soldier of Love | Sade

Mood Indigo | Charles Mingus

The Nest | Jose Gonzalez

 Bags & Trane | Milt Jackson & John Coltrane

 Meadowlarks | Fleet Foxes

Another Sleep Song | Graham Nash

Wild Is The Wind | Nina Simone

 Fall | Miles Davis

 Broken Mirrors | The Chromatics

Soft Trees Break The Fall | Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Listen via Spotify: Vata Season 2012


About The Author

Tara Steinke lives in Los Angeles. She works in the music industry and is also a 500 RYT yoga teacher and writer. Inspired by the connections between music, subtle body/chakras, and yoga, she is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone and loves to teach those who stubbornly refuse to believe that they can enjoy yoga. Connect with Tara on Facebook and Twitter.