Video | Namamaste: A Mother's Yoga Practice

Mothers have one of the toughest, most fulfilling jobs in the world.

Finding the time to do much of anything, other than raise your children, can be near impossible. So when we opened an email containing this video from one of our readers—who took...who made the time to record and edit a beautiful yoga practice with her children by her side—we thought we would honor her, and mothers everywhere by sharing it.

Not only that, but to all of you yogini mamas out there: we bow to you with our deepest gratitude and respect for doing your part in raising a mindful generation of kiddos.

Happy Mother's Day!


About Jessica Voos:

With mothers day coming up, I thought I would share a video of practice with my kiddos. As a busy mom, it's hard to find time for your practice.... so sometimes it has happen right in the middle of kiddo life. I hope it inspires moms to practice even when it seems like they don't have time. It can be done! I lived and taught yoga in Los Angeles then when we decided to have kids we moved back home.... which is a small town in Kansas. I opened a studio here and have built a sweet yoga community in this little town. Most of my daily practices happen in this fashion. Very different from my LA yoga life.