Video | Tasty Freedom: A New Series About Living With Food Allergies & Loving It

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Tasty Freedom is a series about living with food allergies, going gluten free, eating fresh, and loving it.

Join Jaquy Yngvason, half Icelandic, half Ecuadorean Celiac, as she takes you on a journey into the world of delicious and healthy, allergy free, eating.

Jaquy has been traveling across the country and seeking out a community of dedicated food lovers; people that live with food allergies, restaurants that offer special menus, experts that provide consulting, and all and all anyone that offers support to those with food allergies for it is her hope to help anyone who has struggled like herself to live in a food centric world free of worry, fear and lack of taste.

Check out for weekly recipes and subscribe to her Youtube Channel "TastyFreedom Jaquy" for educational videos that will help you make a smooth transition into the world of food allergies.

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